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    fastlane youtube channels?

    been listening to a lot of grant cardone lately :D awesome stuff :D got me to change some mindset issues about taking action. recently i've been taking more chances and "committing first and figuring it out later." so far has been working great for me :D Scary at times but all good and...
  2. Gerome Soriano

    How I made my first $1 copywriting - with ZERO experience

    kudos on great post man! looking forward to seeing more of your value bombs :D
  3. Gerome Soriano

    EXECUTION Yipee!! my first sale (amazon affilates )

    search around the forums dude and you will see what mr.L is saying
  4. Gerome Soriano

    EXECUTION Summer Progress - "Live a few years like most won't so you can live the rest like most can't"

    awesome progress Chris :D wondering how you've been doing lately :D
  5. Gerome Soriano

    Growth Hacker Marketing

    any case studies from you doctor? that drove converstions/sales esp for early stage startup?
  6. Gerome Soriano

    EXECUTION I want to start a Digital Marketing Agency

    wow! this thread is great! i've been looking at doing the outsourced digital marketing agency stuff from Sam Ovens
  7. Gerome Soriano

    EXECUTION Aiming to make $50 TODAY with pure online labour

    damn! i need to grow some balls myself andmake thingshappen value i found from the fb group cult of copy by Brett Smith How I made over $2500 per month on Fiverr selling copy: Hey guys, I've had a few people asking me about how I have been selling copywriting services on Fiverr. While I am...
  8. Gerome Soriano

    kababayan :D

    kababayan :D
  9. Gerome Soriano

    Launch & Learn

    hump de bump :D
  10. Gerome Soriano

    Got a Sales Question for Jordan Belfort? The Wolf of Wall Street? Post Here

    bane curious if you got any of the questions in and the things you got back from the bootcamp :D TIA
  11. Gerome Soriano

    EXECUTION Aiming to make $50 TODAY with pure online labour

    wow! nice progress :D keep it up bro!
  12. Gerome Soriano

    EXECUTION From Lying Down to Revving The Engine

    Bro! thanks for your reply into my prog thread :D in regards to your question, I think you should just go pick up the phone and call them or email them tbh i know that i should be doing the same things for my own stuff T_T if you want we could set up an accountability thing to keep ourselves...
  13. Gerome Soriano

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: Gaining Momentum

    Thru reading the golden threads especially Astonishing Secret by ICK and Freelancing threads by SinisterLex got myself together and starting to gain some momentum :D Graphic design gig from a woman in a marketing group looking for help, said I was starting to do freelancing came back to me...
  14. Gerome Soriano

    Change Your Beliefs About Stress

    Thanks for sharing this Mattie. Am just starting out with this entrepreneurial thing and found out it can be quite confusing and draining at times notes that might be useful to others here viewing stress as a bad thing will raise your chances of dying viewing stress as useful with help you a...
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