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INTRO The "Hello World" Thing Has Been Done Before, Right?

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Nathaniel Neff

New Contributor
Feb 26, 2020
Skimming the first page of the Introductions thread has made me reflect on why I feel compelled to use my real name for things. What would have not long ago made me too self conscious to post anything, now empowers me to do so.

My name is Nathaniel Neff, and I am an Entrepreneur. I am through my first listen of Unscripted, as of writing this post. Scott Thomas sometimes replaces my inner monologue. Not sure who got the final say on the narration but damn, his delivery is on point.

I have become fed up with my life of Action Faking and I'm currently looking for ways to make myself valuable to others, and to keep doing that over and over again. I'm not just saying that because I know it'll get me likes from the percentile that no doubt exist on this forum as sheep or follow the crowd. I said it because I know this is the way to succeed in my life. I have lost (and keep off) 100 Ibs, and am very aware of a F*ck-this-moment's importance, and the pure power of process and a mindset shift.

Like a lot of you, I identify pretty deeply with the book. I was bitter, angry, and jealous because 'the rich' people had what I didn't, and had resigned myself to working hard for someone else, while hoping that I would "get lucky" someday, hit it big, and buy a house for my mother. Well, no. That's not how it works, and I knew it deep down. The book has been a big wake up call for me, pushing me pent up emotions and pocketed thoughts into the front of my brain. I'm done with a life on autopilot while the angsty, 'misunderstood' part of me dictates my emotions and judges others like it has over the years. I'm here because I am going Unscripted.


P.S: How is your day going?

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Sep 17, 2015
Welcome to the community!

You're saying you're an entrepreneur, so tell us more :D

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