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Mathew Verble

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Jun 6, 2018
Just finished reading The Fastlane entrepreneur and starting to read unscripted . I just want to say thanks. Can't promise I'll be successful the first 40 times but I can say up till now I didn't know what a slowlane was or that I was living it. I never even looked through the window to the other side, just accepted my 9-5 knowing that the money I was dumping into my 401 would assure that my retirement of about a year would be decent. A long line of blue collar workers has me in a blue collar field thinking I'm unique because I didn't get a college degree to find out there wasn't any jobs, I got a skill, that payed way better then standard starting jobs, my life was worth at least 10 more dollars per life chunk then Joe Office just starting. AND I thought I wasn't like them every time I turned in my check of 40-70 hours of life money a week. And after my dead beat wife left me with the kids and I couldn't keep my job I took an even more mediocre job because I had more responsibility and bigger blinders on the slowlane race, there's a side street on the slowlane where you can actually drive slower, almost get out and walk the side walk, pretty much bought the 49.98 a month subscription of make bad choices so you can stay forever in servitude. I could go on all day talking about being the poster child of slow lane. But all I wanted to say is thanks for showing me that there is a Fastlane. I feel more responsibile for my failings then ever before. I feel remorse for the hours I've lost but accepting of the fact that I lost them. I want to find a way to have wealth.
Your book drew me in to read down to the last page when you described wealth in three ways, freedom, family, and vitality. That is a beacon of wealth to me. And something that I've all but lost drinking the punch.
So I've got a lot of reading with unscripted , and a lot of late hours of learning, studying and trying and failing to go. I have lived by the creed of learn from unconventional sources, non higher education debt machines, and I know there's a wealth of knowledge out there even though it remains a barrier for many. I have... a... lot... to... learn, about everything.

Anyway, I won't be that guy that says I'm gonna make millions, or say get ready to see my name. I just wanted to say you opened a box I don't want to close, and thank you for that.
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