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[Notes] The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

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Mar 11, 2011
Planet Earth
The real golden years of your life are when you're young, sentient, and vibrant.

Fast wealth is created exponentially, not linearly. Change can happen in an instant.

Wealth is a road trip, not just a road. The road trip can't be outsourced to a chauffer.

Wealth is a formula, not an ingredient.

Millionaires are forged by process, not by events.

Tolls weed out the weak and escorts them to the land of normal.

Wealth trinity: family, fitness, freedom.

Faux wealth destroys real wealth.

If you need to think whether you can afford something, you can't.

Self-made millions arise from self-made luck.

You can't be a victim if you don't relinquish power to someone capable of making you a victim.

Hitchhikers seek the easy life yet want someone else to pay for them.

Drive, don't hitchhike.

Who's the idiot, the idiot, the idiot himself, or the idiot that hires the idiot?

Take responsibility followed by accountability. Take precautions to ensure bad things don't happen again. Taking responsibility is the first step to taking the driver's seat of your life. Accountability is the final.

You deserve what your actions earned, and haven't earned.

For slowlaners, on friday, people are paid FREEDOM in the currency of saturday and sunday.

The ROI for 5-for-2 is negative 60%.

The slowlane is a plan that takes decades to succeed, often requiring masterful political prowess in a corpprate emvironment.

The predisposed destination of the slowlane is mediocrity. Life isn't great, but it isn't so bad either.

By working faithfully 8 hours a day, you may eventually get to be the boss and work 12 hours a day.

You don't have 300 years to save one million dollars.

You can learn more in 2 months as an emtrepreneur than you do working 10 years at dozens of dead-end jobs.

Having a job means no control.

Wealth accumulation is thwarted when you don't control your primary income source.

Time is life's fuel. In life, mortality rate is 100%.

The slowlane is a plan of hope. You need control, not hope! Hope is not a plan!

Slowlane wealth is improbable due to ULL (uncontrolled limited leverage)

In the slowlane, intrinsic value is numerically limited because there are only 24 hours in the day and the average lifespan is 74 years.

If you don't control the variables inherent in your wealth universe, you don't control your financial plan.

Slowlaners attempt to manipulate intrinsic value by education.

Parasitic debt is debt that creates indentured time and forces work.

Gurus get rich via the fastlane route but preach the slowlane road. What they teach is not what made them rich.

Take advice from people with a proven, successful track record of their espoused discipline.

Debt is useful if it allows me to build and grow my system.

Time is the most important asset i have, far exceeding money.

The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing. Constant expansion of knowledge and awareness is critical to my journey.

Money is everywhere and it's extremely abundant. Money is a reflection of how many lives i've touched. Money reflects the value i've created.

I earn income via systrms and investments.

I make something from nothing. I give birth to assets and make them valuable to the marletplace. Other times, i take exiting assets and add value to them.

Build systems for cashflow and asset valuation.

Wealth = net profit + asset value

The more i help, the richer i become in time, money, and personal fulfilment.

Lifetime passive income, eother through business or investments.

Life is what i make it. My financial plan is entirely my responsibility and i choose how i react to my circumstances.

My dreams are worth pursuing no matter how outlandish, and i understamd that it will take money to make some of those dreams real.

Switch from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset.

Liquidation events create millionaires overnight.

The key to the fastlane wealth equation is to have a high speed limit, or an unlimited range of values for units sold. This creates leverage. The market for the product or service detetmines your upper limit.

Liquidation events transform appreciated assets into money that can be transformed into another passive income stream: a money system.

Money grows on trees if you own a money tree. And you can own one if you know how and where to get the seeds.

If you have a passive income that exceeds all your needs and lifestyle expenses including taxes, you're retired.

Money-tree seedlings: rental systems, computer systems, content systems, distribution systems, human-resource systems

Compound interest is an amazing thing, but only towards the end. think about how to skip the front parts and skip right towards the end.

A saved dollar is the best passive income instrument. A saved dollar is a freedom fighter added to your army.

The rich leverage compound interest at its crest, applied against large sums of money.

Fast laners eventually become net lenders.

Impact millions, make millions.

Net profit = units sold x unit profit

The closer you get to large numbers, the closer you will get to wealth.

When you have a job, someone owns you.

When you are young, you have maximum horsepower and your choices discharge an incredible amount of firepower.

If you're younger than 30, your choices are at peak horsepower because they are growing the thick branches of your choice tree.

Worst case consequence analysis:
1) what is the worst case consequence of this choice?
2) what is the probability of this outcome?
3) is this an acceptable risk?

Weighted average decision matrix:
Create a table that multiplies the advantage one choice has by how important it is in the grand scheme of things and seeing which has the higher score.

Extraordinary wealth requires extraordinary beliefs.

The people in your life are like your comrades in a battle platoon. They can save you, help you, or destroy you.

Time isn't a comodity, something you pass around like a cake. Time is the substance of life. When anyone asks you to give your time, they're really asking for a chunk of your life.

Everything you buy has 2 costs:
1. The actual dollar cost
2. The free time transformed into indentured time

Parasitic debt has to be stopped at its source: instant gratification.

Infinite knowledge is everywhere and it's free. What's missing is discipline to assimilate it.

If things are under control, you are just not going fast enough.

Interest reads a book; commitment applies the book 50 times.

The brick walls are there for a reason. The brock walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something. Tje brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough. They are there to stop the other people!

The best roads and the purest fastlanes satisfy the five fastlane commandments: need, entry, control, scale and time.

Stop chasing money - chase needs.

To attract money is to forget about money.

1. Make them feel better
2. Help them solve a problem
3. Educate them
4. Make them look better
5. Give them security
6. Raise a positive emotion
7. Satisfy appetites
8. Make things easier
9. Enhance their dreams amd give hope

Passion for an end goal, a why, drives fastlane action.

Having a passionate "why" can transform work into joy.

The commandment of entry states that as entry barriers fall, competition rises and the road weakens.

"everyone is doing it" is a signal to overbought conditions and the entrance of "dumb money"

Demand the driver's seat; don't be a passenger.

Network marketing is a powerful distribution system. As a fastlaner, seek to own one, not join one.

It doesn't matter how many times you strike out in business because you only have to be right once, and that "once" can set you up for life.

Your total pool of customers determines your habitat. The larger the habitat, the greater the potential for wealth.

The commandment of time asks:
Can this business be automated and systematized to operate while i'm absent?
Are my margins thick enough to hire human resource seedlings?
Can my operatiom benefit from the introduction of a money tree seedling?
How can i get this business to operate exclusive of my time?

A business attached to your time is a job.

You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

The 3 fastlane interstates:
Internet, Innovation, Intentional Iteration

At first, people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, thenthey begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done - then it is done, and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.

Old ideas suffice; just take it and do it better

Define the lifestyle: what do i want?
Assess the cost: how much does my dream cost?
Set the targets: set the money system and business income targets
Make it real: fund it and open it!

Live below your means, but with the intend to expand your means.

The fastlane is the means to your end because dreams cost money.

Conquer big goals by breaking them down to their smallest component.

Daily saving reinforces your relationship with money; it is your passive system that buys freedom and another soldier added to your army.

Speed is not thinking about a fastlane business, but creating it.

Speed is the transformation of ideas to execution. Ideas are potential speed. Execution is actual speed.

If you're too busy copying or watching your competition, you're not innovating.

In chess, lose your queen and you lose the game. In business, most emtrepreneurs play the game without their captured queen.

Businesses survive, brands thrive.

The most successful entrepreneurs lived their business and were 100% committed to it.

Successful business monogamy can lead to successful business polygamy.

Choices are made in a moment, but their consequences will transcend a lifetime.

Wealth is a formula and a systematic process of beliefs, choices, actions and habits that form a lifestyle.

Admit that the preordained path to wealth is fundamentally flawed because of uncontrollable limited leverage, weak math predicated on time. Admit that "get rich quick" exists. Admit that "no plan" is not a good plan. Admit that luck is the residue of engagement.

Stop amd swap allegiances from slowlane to fastlane.

Officially uncouple from the slowlane equation by creating your business structure in a fastlane entity.

Never stop learning.

Control my financial plan as this refers to the commendment of control.

Automate, replicate, and grow.
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