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EXECUTION My startup progress that will buy me a Ferrari


New Contributor
May 25, 2019
Hi all
So as many of you know I have a tech startup that if it get executed and built right , might be a multi million worth. But I was and still in my 9 to 5 job , beside my limited experience in entrepreneurship, and my high talk to do ratio tendency I decided to get a mentor.
The first mentor seem good on paper whoever he wasnt competent and didn't add anything to my knowledge. So I dumped him and ask the org to assign another one, this one was gold , he is already fastlaner with two large companies under his belt. Very supportive and creative. So I decided to go with him .
My strategy is to build my startup plus monetize my web design business to bring me enough income to leave my 5-9 rat race cage.
Sh*t , it is already 12:13, will continue tomorrow .

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New Contributor
May 25, 2019
Today I have done from create DB architecture, although my mentor suggested to go with free database, but since my experience with Microsoft stack is better ,I decided to go with that for now until my app start making some profit then I ll switch so something cheaper or free such as MySql or NoSql Db .
Other things I did :
Setup my agile board
Setup My trello board
Deciding what features my app should have
Then deciding which of these features require for MVP (Minimal Viable Product) .

How I am doing it with 9 to 5 job ?
1- Exercising at 9 PM so I feel energetic after that.
2- Taking green tea pills at the evening ( not good but I am also doing it to loose weight )
3- Just executing: I stopped doing more plans and started executing feature by feature .
4- using drawing book to draw my mockups , it help me when I have no desire to look at the screen . Also I felt really creative doing that.
This weekend I am planning to finish the API so I can move after that to client side development and mobile app development .
Planning on outsourcing some of the work to India ,but I want to make sure all the backbone is done by me.
Have to admit , I really in need for more sleep. hopefully will find a way to sleep at least 7:30 hours daily.

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