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start up

  1. C

    Seeking Podcast Partner for Side Project

    Hello, I am looking to get to know some people in the media space and podcasting/speaking in particular. Currently based in a big city in the UK and have been heavily involved in some of the government-funded business meet-ups and learning hubs for startups. Trying to use as many...
  2. H

    I haven't done anything, but i've got an idea

    After reading Millionaire Fastlane I had a fire lit under my butt. I decided I needed to start my own business. I have been following this forum for almost two months and I finally have come up with a good idea, that with the right execution could pay off. I'm developing an online marketplace...
  3. B

    Starting a new online business

    Howsit everyone quite lost in my head right now. Let’s say I have a few online business ideas but I’ll prioritise the most important one obviously would it be better for me to learn how to do web development and build the website myself so I can make the web specific to my ideas so I get...
  4. M

    First fast steps

    Hello everyone my name is Michael I am study at home student in the recent days I had a great Idea that could change the the dating app game and I am currently giving myself to it it's the first times I am seriously trying and studying, after reading the book I decided (and I knew for a lot...
  5. Miha99


    I decided to give away an Idea and ispire somebody to actually make it a reality I have no time and to focus on it becouse I already have a Business that i want to Scale, ans as MJ said Monogamy is KING Backstory how I came up with the IDEA: 2021 I spent 6 months living Belgrade. Since my...
  6. Chrisrod2597

    Relocation: A Solution for Entrepreneurs? - Seeking Insights and Experiences from Startups and Seasoned Entrepreneurs.

    Have you or anyone you know considered relocating their business or themselves as a way to get out of a difficult situation? Whether you have already done it or are currently thinking about it, I would love to hear about your reasons for considering relocation, any challenges you faced, and how...
  7. oskarilmundo

    Product development process

    Hi there, My name is Oskar. I am currently starting a new business and i'm currently waiting for the product development to be finished (i payed someone). Meanwhile I am working fulltime. 1. Does someone have any tips about product development, and what should I pay attention to when letting...
  8. M

    Found a way to get involved in the market.

    I just had an idea on a good way to get myself started and involved in the market. @MJ DeMarco Talks about just getting yourself involved in the market even if it's just in a small way like making and selling a cat condo on craigslist. So that got me thinking. I've got a lot of "junk" in my...
  9. Temerity

    A year and a half to the first sale - what I've learned...

    From the day I created the name for my business to my first sale took almost 18 months of non-stop work, delays, disappointments, and realizations. I'll share some of those in this thread which I'll treat as a diary to help myself and others. One of the most important things I've realized - if...
  10. thuylv

    [ Need help with start up]

    Hi everyone, I am currently a software engineer at a local company, I'm trying to move from doing 100% technical to building 1 start-up, I'm looking for an idea that can be feasible to implement in my country (I live in Vietnam - a country in Southeast Asia) I know the road will be very long...
  11. matveyDev

    Idea for crypto startup

    Hello entrepreneurs! I have an idea for crypto startup.It's just a system for receiving cryptocurrency which can easily connecting to your site/business (B2B model). Cryptocurrency on hype and more and more people start use it. I think, owners of sites/businesses don't want to lose their clients...
  12. Alin Farah

    Advice for a 19 year old Future Entrepreneur

    Greetings everyone, my name is Alin, I am a 19 year old male from the UK. I have completed most of Millionaire Fastlane and I must say it is fantastic, the best book I have read so far , and it has made me change my perspective in various of fields, it has also made me use my free time solely...
  13. jooelnilssonn

    How do I get from just my idea to a built company?

    Im 17 years old. Just dropped out of highschool. Just landed my first job as a warehouseworker, starting next week. Im living with my girlfriends family, and need to get an apartment very soon. So I'm yet a no one with no skills or anything. All I've got is a pretty good intellect and huge...
  14. Ronozoro

    My Idea for a start up, would really love your thoughts on it , be it negative too

    I am thinking of starting up a business where i grow vegetables indoor vertically hydroponically and give out monthly subs of about 15$ in my city (its a big city, in asia ) that ll get them 400 grams of vegies every week delivered to their homes , it ll be fresh, chemical free and they ll know...
  15. MTF

    30+ Best Acquisition Channels That Have Consistently Worked for 487 Founders

    As I was browsing for some marketing resources, I found a super well-researched free report on 34 acquisition channels that have worked for 487 analyzed founders. The report was created by Darko and is available for a free download (in exchange for signing up for his list) here: Zero To Users I...
  16. HellaSiccEtienne

    Take Off - 10 Months Later - Website, Videos, A Campaign & Moving The Needle

    Previously, on the road to unscription : EXECUTION - The Slap - 6 Months Later - Procrastination & Confort I'm now almost a year into the process of launching my 1st product. And I'm happy to say that now, I have something to show : The Graptors Studs. We've published 3 videos on the YouTube...
  17. AlexanderFRG

    Spent too much time learning about completely different topics.

    Hello there! This is my first post in this forum, i'll try to keep it short. I guess some of you were in the same place as me - I started multiple businesses, halfhearted to be honest, because an apparently better opportunity came around. Some made profits, some didn't. After failing three...
  18. D

    Looking for banks or private loan providers to help my business scale

    Hello everyone, I have setup a successful bitcoin mining farm and I am looking to scale the business. I am currently what you would deem a "small business" and I am trying to now scale my operation. I am looking for fixed monthly loans. I have called EVERY BANK IN MY CITY and called all the SBA...
  19. Fabian1999

    Clothing Brand start-up, first business

    Hello people, now that i have finished TMF, and im halfway trough Unscripted, i have started a business/ my own clothing brand. Yes i thought it would be a good idea, because i've always had trouble finding jeans with a good fit and design that stands out from the crowd. I got a tech-pack done...
  20. K

    Marketing Methods for new start ups

    Hi guys, I have read both unscripted and millionaire fastlane. Are there any recommended books for marketing online website/app start ups from scratch? We don't have venture capital either. I have hired someone via freelancer to create a website and we are almost ready to launch! Any...