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Morality and business

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Feb 5, 2021

Hi all
I've been amidst reading Atlas Shrugged and reading the book has sparked some questions regarding human morality and the business journey that many has set in. In most business, we are out there to make money and the main purpose of that is to support our living and our interests. However, there is another school of thought that a business or any personal endeavour whether it is on the creative side, a business, or a film, should serve the purpose of serving others. The term self-sacrifice comes to mind in which each individual belongs in a collective mind that looks into conduct their business for the sake of others, for the sake of society, etc. The question comes to mind here is: Is it morally right for a business to venture for its own sake or for the sake of society?
I see this when Ayn Rand talks about Readen Metal (A new metal alloy that is durable and stronger than steel) which there are many organizations, individuals, etc try to denounce that metal due to it being a threat to society especially when the economy (in the book) is going about a crisis. Hank Readen (creator of Readen Metal) wanted to profit off his work but others disapprove of it as it would led to smaller companies closed down when other larger and successful companies like his grew more successful.
Perhaps what is engraved greatly in the minds of individuals is that Altruism is seen as the guidance for man and that we lived in this world for the sake of others in whatever aspect or genre and when I think of this, I felt: shouldn't each company be standing on its own two feet rather than standing on the success of others?
In a way, it is also can be said another view of self-sacrifice when successful companies are forced not to be successful for society or for some reason that does not correspond to their own business objectives and aims. Is it moral for society to impose such restrictions to companies that want to venture their own way and forced into compulsion the need to hold society on both hands? Or is it morally unjust for companies to pursue their own interest regardless?

Hi all! My name is M.A Amru and I am a Science Fiction author and student.
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Nov 25, 2020
Great question!

I think that everyone should look to the betterment of society as it relates to business. Ultimately you want to bring value to people and not hold out like so many companies do today.

For example let's talk about Gas vs Electric as it pertains to cars.

Even though I am a huge fan a gas cars and love driving them, I see how the EV world is more efficient and quickly outperforming them. It's now clear that electric is future.

Many companies should at least start shifting in this direction (albeit, keep a few icons like the muscle cars and corvettes gas for die hard fans).

Hell, they could make brand new names that will last the next several decades and be fawned over! Best of both worlds.

All that to say, we have big oil companies now...rockefellers etc...that want nothing more than for the EV to fail, or anything other than their precious oil relying machines to fail.

They do that to solely protect their wealth and power. They are not thinking of anyone else but themselves. So many true conspiracies behind this, but that's neither here nor there.

I don't think that companies should have restrictions imposed on them, and I don't think it's morally unjust for a company to pursue its own interests.

I believe that so long as both parties are not negatively effecting the market / world then they should be able to coexist without stepping out of moral bounds.

Tom H.

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Dec 13, 2019
Jaco, Costa Rica
Altruism is a scam.

In a free market businesses already succeed only if they serve society. We can't be worried about businesses that lost, those businesses weren't serving society well enough.

Criminality is criminality: profit motive is not a justification. Criminal businesses are not legitimate.

Businesses go along with a dubious "best for society" narrative at their own risk, or in attempt to capitalize on the propaganda or state support. For example, it is not clear in any way that electric vehicles are the future or are better for society. It is clear that there is tax payer money up for grabs to businesses that play along.

It's hard to fight the nonsense imposed by the parasitic class... entrepreneurs committed to personal integrity may face a hard road, but OP is already reading Ayn Rand, so I'll let her illustrate the fight between the free market and the government.

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