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Xhulio Tusha

New Contributor
Aug 31, 2017
Metro Detroit
Good Afternoon!
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I'd like to share some advice that's really been hiding in the shadows of my life and I'm really starting to realize it. Almost all of us in this community want to be successful in ALL aspects of life. Whether it be financially, physically, or with relationships, etc, we want nothing but the best. Something I've really noticed lately is attitude and perspective of life. I'm 20 years old, I go to school full time, work almost full time, and hustle on the side. Just like everyone else, I have common life issues... Parents are upset about something, car broke down, not doing so hot in a class, etc. *No, this is not a rant about my life issues, keep reading!* When these things happen to me I tend to get really upset about these little bumps in life as do a lot of people. After getting past these little problems I look back and laugh at myself because in the heat of the moment my world was broken apart. It was like nothing was going to ever get fixed and I was going to be stuck in this rut FOREVER. Unfortunately, a lot of people have this issue. I see people tear themselves down because of small daily life issues, and the scariest part... Some people never get out of their rut.

From what I've studied and learned in my life is how you decide to handle these issues and the way you approach the situation. I'm hoping to hit a little closer to home for the younger guys on the forum because it's usually the younger folks who tend to do this, including myself. We make the most out of our problems and let them drown us mentally and physically. We make excuses for ourselves and blame other sources for our problems. If you really want to be successful (Whatever that means to you) you must learn to minimize your problems and not let them be a burden in your life. Keeping a strong mentality knowing you're going to make it past this tough time in life, OVER TIME will really go a long way. It's hard to always keep a smile on your face with the way things go sometimes, but if you're strong enough mentally to know that you hold the key to fix your problems, you will become something of yourself.

For the fellas my age, listen the f*ck up. Stop abusing your body. PLEASE. It's okay to have a drink occasionally with friends and go out from time to time or maybe just maybe take a hit of the magic stick once in a rare moon. Don't let these things become a lifestyle. 21 days to form a habit, 90 days to make a lifestyle. For you who are away at college right now, I know how hard it can be resisting the pressure of partying every weekend or getting stupid stoned everyday with your free spirited room mate. Right now, it may not be affecting you, you may just be having fun with the boys, but time after time your brain is going to rewire itself ACTIVELY SEEKING these bad rewards and bad habits. Why do so many people my age suffer from mental disorders or feel like a 80 year old in a 20 year old's body??? IT'S BECAUSE YOU AIN'T TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF LIKE YOU SHOULD. If you think you're going to be able to become a self made CEO making millions and impacting this world while getting stoned every minute of your life, drinking every weekend, and staying up all night to mindlessly scroll through social media... NEWS FLASH, YA AIN'T. Here's what I've learned from myself when I do what's right and treat my body right...

- You are energized and ready to take action.
- You become more confident in yourself.
- Your cognitive thinking becomes insanely clear.
- You become more attractive to others (women) and you men respect you more.
- You start to think in higher powers and ways you've never thought before.

Here are some of the things I do for my physical and mental health to keep myself balanced.

- I exercise daily and lift weights. -- This helps coping with stress and anger built up inside of you. Not only that, you're accomplishing something beneficial to your health & physique. Any problem you have, while you're exercising you're not thinking about it! It's your time to be selfish for your benefit.

- I do not use social media. -- Now, this can be hard... Very hard for someone my age. I won't talk about the negatives of using social media because I can go on for days but I will tell you what I've noticed in my life without the use of social media. I have become extremely happy with myself, I appreciate myself and love myself a lot more than I did when I had social media. I have found motivation from within to seek the things I want in life, not what others tell me I should want. I am more confident in social environments and my social skills have tremendously improved.

- I get proper sleep. -- Simple, if you don't get proper sleep you'll feel like sh!t and will be less motivated to do things that day. You will feel drained and fogged up. With proper sleep, I wake up ready to tackle my day and make the most out of it. (Try going to sleep same time every night, if you can't NBD, but ensure you get proper and quality sleep)

- I don't wank my willy everyday. -- Yep lol, stop wanking you wanker! You'll notice your confidence around women goes through the roof and overall you're more motivated to do things and tackle those obstacles you've been putting off. (This doesn't mean you can't wank, just try limiting yourself, it's hard but if can withstand the urge, you'll notice positive changes in your life)

- I eat a healthy diet. -- If you energize yourself with proper nutrients overall you're going to feel like a king and have clear cognitive thinking. You're going stomach is going to get flatter, the titties are gonna slowly go down, and your skin is going to become cleaner and clearer.

- I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. -- THIS IS HUGE. You need to stop blaming mom and dad, the government, the neighbor, the president, the "system". STOP. It's all bullsh!t excuses. Learn to be a real man and stand up to yourself and notice the flaws in your life. Step aside from society and learn about yourself and where you need improvement. When you can learn to accept your own failure and make something positive out of it, that's when you know you're headed in the right direction. Get up off your lazy a$$ and do what's right. YES IT FRICKEN SUCKS. IT SUCKS BEING WRONG. IT SUCKS WHEN IT DOESN'T WORK OUT BUT YOU KNOW WHAT SUCKS EVEN MORE. BEING A LOSER
FOREVER. Next time you find yourself in the wrong, own up to it. Be BOLD and take responsibility for whatever it is.

Last but not least, when it comes to wealth you have to make up your mind. You either want it more than everyone else does and you stand alone and don't follow what normal people do with their money or you sit in the same place as everyone else and eats what everyone else eats. I don't know if you want to be the next fortune 500 CEO or if your goal is to make a comfortable living for yourself and the ones closest to you and be able to retire at a good age. Whichever route you wanna go down, just know you're going to have to sacrifice. Your time, your effort, your emotions, EVERYTHING. A lot of people who are younger than me want EVERYTHING life has to offer but on someone else's tab. Not at their expense!

To my young boys & girls today, become something of yourself. Learn a thing or two from within. Learn to love yourself, learn to care for yourself, and learn to be a role model people look up to. I know with Instagram and Twitter and all these influencers telling us how to live our lives, it can be hard finding who you are and what you want from life when you have everyone and their aunt telling you how you should walk, talk, eat, when you should go to the bathroom, what gender you should be and all this Bullsh!t. You know what I mean...

I know this is a long post and if you stuck around until the end, thank you, I appreciate you. I hope anyone any age can take away from this and hopefully get out there and take the action necessary to change their lives for the better. I understand, It's mostly common knowledge and common sense but sometimes we all need a little refresher. With all that said, I hope each and everyone of you enjoy the rest of your day and appreciate the life you were given and to take the most from it. Even though I don't know you, I love you and wish you nothing but the best.

Thank you,


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Silver Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jul 1, 2018
I'm going to be honest, at first I thought this was another "HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 12 STEPS...(enter 12 STEPS)...*pitch some course/book etc.*" thread. But I feel you really want to help confused young adults solve problems you yourself faced. And I actually resonate with what you shared from personal experience.

So thanks for the post. Keep going.

Not Sure

New Contributor
Mar 7, 2016
Great post. I wish I had that kind of wisdom at 20 years old, even though most of it sounds like common sense now.

One small thing I'd add is to be dilligent about saving money. At that age, when you first start getting a real income, it's incredibly tempting to stretch your budget, throw your entire paycheck into disposable income, and rely too much upon debt payments.

Living within (below, really) your means could make the difference between having the startup funds to get yourself in the fast lane or not. Even if you don't opt for that, at least you'll be in better shape to put a downpayment on a home or reap the rewards of compounding interest for retirement.

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