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Let me know what You think :)

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Oct 1, 2018
Hello there,

I am feeling weird about my idea, been having mixed emotions. But my mind tells me " Hey its a great idea ". So i would appreciate if you share with me your thoughts.

Why ?

Love food and eating but for someone who's grown up in village with fresh and beautiful food is not easy. I was dreaming of going to restaurants when traveling, because i thought we are eating "poor mans" food at the moment. Right now after few years i absolutely HATE restaurants and fast food shit right now. Food is not so good, let me not talk about freshness and quality,service ( i know i should hate your boss cuz hes telling you to come by three hundred times and ask me do i want something to order), portion size and of course price. I am not a guy who can pay 50 - 200 $ for a dinner. Let me tell you the best food in my life are from some local grandma/pa in middle of nowhere and yes they where most of the time poor.

So i followed "I HATE"


Online service for all people who are willing to sell fresh food DIRECTLY from their homes and eating tables anywhere in the world. Service - Customer connection. Just imagine, your grandma is making the best dinner and cookies,you know it ! So i would like to come by in NY and rather try your grandmas dinner and cake then go to restaurant. Also meet new people and maybe stay one night to sleep over. For me it is a win- win situation.

Fresh ? Yes
Portion ? Much better
Price ? Yes
Person who makes me laugh ? Yes
Your grandma just earned 15 $ and meet two young people and that makes her feel good.
If you are making amazingly good fresh noodles why not to sell it, anyone can come ?

Thank your for reading, let me know what You think.

PS. I am non-native English speaker, still learning though
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Jacob Sapei

New Contributor
Sep 12, 2018
I think you had a good idea, it is definitely worth a try. Even tho I don't have any problems with food in restaurants (being that I live in Italy and we have superhigh standards on food everywhere) I think that in many countries it may work

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