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If You're Working on the Dream, You're Living the Dream

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Jul 10, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
I have been absent from the forum.
I can’t think of another time where my life has changed so much in 60 days.

in 60 days:
I attended the Fastlane Summit, met some truly amazing people, and fueled up on enough inspiration to last me a year.
I lost over 6 grand on a bad car deal.
I buried three relatives.
Covid-19 took hold.
I got furloughed from my job two weeks ago.

You guys are probably facing some tough stuff too, some of your problems might make my problems look trivial in comparison.

Today, I’m surprised. I have no job, and I’m not worried. Several years ago I would have freaked out. I would have panicked. I would have tied my identity to my job.
Now I’m excited because of the opportunities that present themselves. There is always someone who needs help with something.

Sixty days ago I was at my first Fastlane Summit, getting my mind blown by each and every speaker.
I climbed Camelback Mountain with my new entrepreneur posse. Cruised some e-bikes. Drove to Sedona. Brainstormed some goofy shit with Zane. I met so many great people. Seriously, every single person I met was so great. I’ve never been to a conference with more quality people in one room.

@MJ DeMarco your summit is outstanding. It’s the real deal.

To the Summit attendees, did you all notice that there wasn’t anyone trying to sell you ANYTHING, other than your ability to do something amazing? Seriously, no snake oil, no quick fixes, no “conference special” limited-time only bullshit courses. No quick-fix anything. Just a group of straight shooters.

The reason I am posting this is because I just finished another day where I actively worked on my future. Acquiring skills, working on a plan. Actively building something.

And then I remembered MJ’s words of wisdom he gave at the summit. “If you’re working on the dream, you’re living the dream.”

Remember that my friends. Even when it gets tough, and it WILL get tough:
If you’re working on the dream, you’re living the dream.

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