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Oct 27, 2019
Hi everyone!

I'm currently pursuing a dream to join the fastlane. And pursuing the dream is living the dream - @MJ DeMarco

How do I intend to do that? By producing more value for others than I consume.

My background:
As of one month ago, I've worked as a software engineer with about 8 years of experience. I am no longer an aspiring entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is my full-time gig now. I'm all-in.

What is my dream/goal?
I've always had a dream of creating useful web-based applications for myself and the masses, so I quit my cushy job last month to pursue this dream full-time. There are 2 main ideas I want to execute on. I'm working on my first idea, helping to build a framework and the foundation, before I move ahead with the second idea.

What is my timeline?
I've worked hard to save money over the years, and I have about 3 years of runway to create something of value. If I had to, I could stretch it to 5. I'm really hoping that's enough time to create something that cash flows.

Why did I join this forum?

I believe there are some great people in this forum with various backgrounds and experience. I really appreciate that MJ filters the people here to keep the quality up.
I'm a complete newbie to the entire entrepreneurial arena, and I'm interested in joining a band of brothers that are also looking to succeed. I'm hoping to build up against my weaknesses (see below).

What do I struggle with?
I've read FLM many years ago, and I'm reading Unscripted now. But from my experience I've struggled in these arenas:
1. Viewing money as a "value-voucher". I have to constantly remind myself of this so I don't see money as money.
2. Decoupling my "hourly rate" from time. Because I've been working for so long, I mentally have an hourly wage pegged to my output. THIS IS POISON. I've noticed though, that after quitting my job this has been slowly getting better.

What are my main strengths?
1. Technical. I have university degrees in electrical/computer engineering and I've been engineering and architecting software for years. I've programmed bare-metal applications and drivers for microprocessors in C/C++ and also developed dynamic web apps (databases, containers, etc.) - although nothing of scale. Back-end, front-end, low-level, high-level. Engineering is in my blood, so I've never been afraid of any technical challenge.
2. Leadership. This has become a side-passion after having lead teams and projects of various sizes. I get along and communicate well with people, and I have the empathy to understand that unrealistic deadlines and demands are enough to sap the spirit from the troops.

What are my main and anticipated weaknesses?
1. Self-motivation. I've read many books, and I understand the fundamental formula. When you find out what you want to do, you need a strong why to fuel the how. My life has been generally financially comfortable. Although I have over 3 years of runway, my fear is that I'll piss the time away, not having accomplished what I've set myself out to do. I'm really going to be interested in reading about what hacks people do here to keep themselves motivated. I'm guilty of action-faking, but I found it does help spur the energy to do work. I've been brainwashed with the SCRIPT for too long.
2. Business overhead (accounting, payments, marketing, legal, etc.) Because I'm a newbie, I've never had to do it, and I'm not really looking forward to it as I'm probably unfairly framing it as the dull/boring stuff.

I'm very excited about this journey, and I'm excited to be part of it with everyone here :)

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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Nice to see a fellow Canadian, good luck on the journey!

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