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I want to sell wholesale C.O.D.

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Real Deal Denver

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Jan 13, 2018
Denver, Colorado
I have a product which I plan to launch nationwide in the near future.

This will be sold to small independent shops, for the most part.

I want to sell COD. I do not want to have net 30 terms, or even net 10 terms. I don't get that from my suppliers, and I don't think I should "have to" be a bank for my customers. If I have learned anything from Millennials, it's that we can change the rules and do things differently.

Yes, this will limit my business somewhat. I'm willing to take that chance. But I think the gains will outpace the losses. I have had business ventures in the past where I had to chase my money. I hate it with a passion. If someone orders a product from overseas, it's pay to play - no credit.

I'm looking for opinions on that method of launching. I want to be like Amazon - you want my product - you pay for my product, and they you get my product. You want credit, call Citi-card - not me.

The plain fact of the matter is that I cannot blanket the entire country, like I want to, AND finance it. I think it's a fair trade - I supply a great product that will generate my customers money - they play the game by my rules, and we all win.

Anyone have experience in running this type or arrangement? Thanks ~

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