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How to make 1$ per day?


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Jun 20, 2019
Black Forrest Germany
We all know that the first steps (in everything) are the hardest.
Imagine you start from the skratch again. No money , no experience and no knowledge.

- which skills or knowledge you would learn
- what you would do to create an Income of just 1$ per day?
- how you would scale this to add three zeros to this (1k per day)

No rules, do what you want as long as its legal.

Im no entrepreneur yet and it seems like im blind of spotting good orpportunities and create a business out of it. (litmited belive)
Im was looking to create a business since over 4 years now but havent found anything interessting for me. After not archiving anything in this field i decided to learn on how to invest. Now that im a skilled Investor i see that without a business (leverage) this will never lead me to something.
The problem about investing is, it needs alot of money, alot of risk and alot of time to get somewhere.
I want a control- and scalable business that feed my investments. For me, starting small and earn just 1$ a day with my own business would be a huge success.

Thank you Guys for all your help and advice.

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Jun 27, 2019
Las vegas nevada
Hello, if you know how to invest, you don't need money for it. You mention leverage, because that term also includes making money without having it. Or how do you think account managers do? regards


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Aug 26, 2018
I would use the skills I already have, since I would be at a point of having no income.

The first criteria is $1 per day? Take on one freelance writing gig and I should be done for the year. (Is that cheating? But I need sandwich money while I'm doing the second step.)

Second step, write about a subject I know well, preferably something people need in business, law, or something related.

Perhaps something new employees need to know to be better at their jobs.

That way I can pitch it to both the new employees and their bosses. Pay me $365 for this - just one dollar per day! - and you'll be $10 more efficient and effective all year.

Break it into 5-10 sections, write some quiz questions, write and exam to certify people when they're done, design a cool little certificate to give them.

Put it on a web site (take another freelance gig if I literally have no money for the web site ... same for the laptop I'm using while living under a rock somewhere).

Go to every business networking meeting I can find and promote my class. Walk into businesses and leave material for them, and tell them about it (another freelance gig if I need to pay for flyers).

Course should be done in a month, $1,000 / day in 1 year as I adapt the product based on market feedback.

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