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Jul 16, 2020
Hello from Brazil,

My name is Felipe Pinheiro, I'm 28 years old. I married my best friend from highschool and have an 8 month old daughter (my most precious treasure :smile2:). Right now I'm an automation technician and got a job as a products expert in a sales company that sells automation hardware for the industry.

I'm a typical Slowlaner: I work 5 days a week, my job is my only source of income, got no savings, I have a car that is not mine yet (still 18 months to pay it fully), I just bought my very first house and... you guessed it... I didn't had the money to pay it in total. I guess it's called mortgage in the US. I didn't manage to finish my studies in engineering and in a few years I have to pay my student's debt... Well I guess you guys already got the picture, I'm young, made poor choices, got no money and I'm a prisioner of my job, "got pay mah bills, y'know".

I just started reading the Fastlane (stopped in chapter 10) and... well... you know that feeling deep inside that's like a whisper saying "psst, hey you, something is really fcked up about this Slowlane way of life you've been living you know". That feeling that hits you while you laying in bed trying to sleep that you just try to forget because you need your sleep to wake up early to go to work the next day. Well that feeling is now screaming inside me every minute after I started reading the The Fastlane.

I'm very sad now because the book showed me how much prisioner of my own choices I became. It is like I put myself in a hole and kept digging down. I'm sad because I'm so tired of this rat race I've been told to live and I want to free myself, but I still don't know how.

I'm sorry for the long text, but I needed to take those things out of my chest. I'm gratefull to be now part of this community. I will keep searching for my Fastlane access ramp and I try to keep you all updated about my progress.
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