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Roger FS

Aug 23, 2018
My Intro: (unabridged...apologies for the length)

Just over a month ago I purchased the Audible/Kindle of Unscripted, and was blown away. Within a couple weeks I purchased the Audible/Kindle of TMF. I wish I'd come across TMF long ago, but no dwelling/regrets, now is the time for action. I've listened to both at least 4 times, currently listen almost 2X speed because the material is familiar. That said, even after multiple listenings, I still have "ah-hah" moments, because of other material I'm also studying, and with my FL reprogramming...but getting ahead of myself.

I'm 54 yrs old, was a typical slowlaner until late 2011. Wife & 2 younger children, home schooling. Was making good money in a tech job, was laid off in 2011, right when our younger daughter started showing bad symptoms of a chronic disease. I didn't like what I was doing anyway for work, came across an "entrepreneur" venture doing a type of swing trading with your own monies. This allowed time to try to help use natural methods to try to get our daughter's disease stabilized (unfortunately, a non-pharmacological approach hasn't worked over the years.)

The company teaching the swing trading methods doesn't recommend doing the trading full-time for income until you prove your ability to profit consistently. I considered myself above that (BIG MISTAKE), jumped into it full bore, took virtually all the expensive training I could while whittling away life savings. "Operational Excellence" was surely was lacking, as well as sound financial planning.

When I ran out of funds and then some (maxing out credit), stopped trading & did paper routes while I confirmed that those with my specific IT skill set generally had positions outsourced overseas. Depression. Bankruptcy. Managed to keep our home. For the last 2 yrs, I've been working at a low-pay hourly job (I'd call it "blue-collar technical") that pays about 30% of what I was making before, but often with optional OT. A few times I was virtually doubling my income; yes, selling my most precious commodity, time, for a few OT hours.

In April 2018 I had my right kidney removed with a small football sized mass; kidney cancer, 21cm long. It was discovered because I was severely anemic due to the renal cell carcinoma. It explained my chronic fatigue in recent years (estimated the tumor was 2+ yrs in growing.) I am tall, not overweight, but somehow it went undetected; apparently most kidney cancer is discovered by accident, often too late therefore. Fortunately mine was almost entirely self-contained, praise God, except for a tiny bit that therefore raised my rating to a strong stage 3 kidney cancer.

When OT ended at my job beginning of August, I had my FTE, and decided to pursue entrepreneurship again, continuing to work in the interim. My (non-OT) job doesn't quite cover the monthly bills, but we have enough in savings to cover, and it's keeping my family from being homeless. But a huge plus with my work: most of the time I can listen to audio books, and more recently, have Udemy courses playing on my phone on my desk. Getting paid for an education! I am feeling physically better than I have in years, and looking forward to the PROCESS of entrepreneurship. Interestingly, the company I work at is the fruit of entrepreneurship: founded in the owner's garage in 2005, in 11 years reached 100 employees/$30 million in sales. Who knows, maybe the owner could be one of my early financial backers...hmmm.

There's zero chance this is a fake FTE - I don't have time for fakery. Even though all the cancer was surgically removed, statistically based on my cancer staging, I have a better than 50% chance of recurrence and death within the next 5yrs. I'm fighting the odds as best as I can. I'm working out consistently, taking a boatload of appropriate supplements/ neutraceuticals , a general low carb diet, etc, and am very optimistic about the future. Just had my quarterly CT scan on Monday, will be given the results this coming Monday (to watch for cancer recurrence), optimistic it's still clear based on the CT tech's attitude.

My goal is to create a financial legacy for my family...and not just life insurance. And to enjoy the fruits of my success as well.

I have reading the forum infrequently, but will increase now that I just upgraded to Insider. I bought lots of Udemy courses on sale relating to many facets of entrepreneurship (...unfortunately a few too many about Amazon FBA ... one early consideration...less likely now.) No clear business idea yet, but tilling the soil, in full-tilt self-education mode, looking forward to adding value with my next business venture, as well as adding value to this wonderful forum.

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Incredible introduction and thank you for sharing your struggle.

I am feeling physically better than I have in years
So good to hear this. I wish you continued improvement in health my friend.

Welcome aboard.

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