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Feb 17, 2019
Hello Fellow Fastlaners, I am 20 years old, will be 21 this april. I am from India. I am going in a university.

I previously had no solid plans and ideas about life, everything i dreamed of was a good paying job which could fix my life problems. This is what happens when you are surrounded by society, which are sidewalkers and slowlaners. The only path to success is job for them. Previously if someone asked me about any supercar, i would say, be practical.

Due to some past events, i used to use IRC channels and forums in the past, and one day, a nice member told about a book called "Four hour work week",which after like 2 years, i bought. I read reviews and success stories (events), and read the book for a while, which made me really careless, honestly speaking, i had not completed the book yet, haven't still completed it. (i do not say it is really bad though). There is nothing attained without real action.

From like past three months i was learning android and java from different sources. I switched from one source to another, starting again and again from beginning, and all of them had different pace. And with gaps in between. After watching no real results, i went broke.

I used to read multiple books, switching from one book to another, without completing it, like reading power of habit, thinking fast and slow etc. This was my main problem.

I found The Millionaire Fastlane through a reddit post. I bought it on amazon as a kindle version, i read on my mobile phone with kindle app. I read most book as kindle on mobile.

The book has changed my life already. I can feel it.
I completely read the book as everything in it was an eye opener for me. I did not believe it, that i completed the book in few days.

What I am doing these days? :
  • I am learning java from a book, Good thing i stick to it, and it is going to complete soon.
  • Later i am going to follow another book for android.
  • I read books everyday, currently reading "Psycho cybernetics". (Taking notes this time)
  • Planning to read Millionaire Fastlane again, 2 to 3 times more.
  • I am trying to apply polyphasic sleep schedule, where i sleep 4 hours a day. Still working on it though, my naps turns into deep sleeps. ::wideyed:
I will surely complete them both.

Next books I'll read:
1. Traction
2. How to get rich
3. Awaken the giant within
4. Hooked
and some books on marketing.

My Goals:
I know i need to impact millions to make a substantial amount of money. I will not give up, no matter what.
I will build an android app on something, that fulfills user needs.
I will be active on the forum more.

I have done many mistakes in the past, but no more, I will never give up in between.
The best thing i learnt is, that there are no short-cuts to success.

Advice Needed:
Do you take notes while reading books or do you reread them multiple times?
How do you keep yourself focused and motivated every single day?

P.S. I am not native English, ignore my grammer mistakes. :p
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