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Advice to Gain Hands On PPC Campaign Management


New Contributor
Jul 23, 2019
I'm based in Chicago and operate a small web design and development agency. I'm looking to expand my services to offer PPC campaign management (all Google initially). I have a client with a $30k/mo ad spend campaign that is in horrible shape, and they want me to immediately take over management of it. I have many other clients that I can sell PPC management services to.

I think I can probably get the first client to pay me about $4k a month if I can show results. I'd like to work with someone locally in Chicago either at their office or mine, and get hands on experience while improving their campaign. I'm thinking that I'll need 10 hours of help the first week, and 3-5 hours per week for the next two months.

Would you guys advise that I look for an individual freelancer or to work with an agency? I have a hunch that most agencies will not want to work with me in person at the frequency that I want. In terms of the financial relationship, should I structure as hourly, percentage or fixed price? Thanks

Also, if you are in Chicago or know anyone that is and might be interested, please hit me up.

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Marty Foley

New Contributor
Mar 31, 2019
You could work with an agency that offers white- or private-labeled services, they do the work behind the scenes.

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