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A Wild Ride So Far


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Jan 7, 2018
Cleveland, OH
Hey guys,
I'm from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I have started and helped start several successful businesses over my lifetime thus far. The most successful one was sold back in 2014 and I was left out in the cold so to speak. I took what money I had, started another business and then became so depressed I could barely function. Then after several years of crippling depression and suicidal thoughts, I became homeless. Lost my business, my family, everything was gone.

I ended up in a homeless shelter for Veterans in Cleveland. Here I sit, today, in this shelter, ready to leave tomorrow. I have been working on my resume and sending it out to different companies for the last couple months. I have a brother I can stay with temporarily although I suspect I won't be there very long. I have some great job offers coming in every day at this point. I thank the VA and some family and friends who have helped me.

So far I have offers to be a Senior SEO Director, Social Media Director, and a Media Buyer. They are all very well paying positions. I think I like the Media Buyer position the best as it's with a start-up company on the East Coast. I am in the final round of interviews and the recruiter for the company says I have it locked up. It looks like it may be mine to lose at this point. This is just a tiny snapshot of the ride I have been on. It's been crazy, I came from nothing, made something of myself, lost it all, literally, and now I am poised to launch myself into a very good position. It's humbling, to say the least. I plan on riding it out. I want to see where this takes me and what opportunities come my way. That brass ring is there, I think I'm gonna grab it.

Thanks for listening, I wish everyone the best and look forward to interacting, learning, and sharing with you.
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Nov 28, 2017
Very interesting rollercoaster ride indeed. I can't relate exactly, but we've all had major lows and they all follow a similar pattern.

F*ck the past, my friend. Whatever was holding you down, let it go. Take the brass ring being offered. Conquer obstacles. Forgive your enemies. Do good for others every day. Find God if you choose to.

We are a simple people, we sometimes get caught up in yesterdays thoughts. Then down the road we realize yesterday was 5 years ago or god forbid 50 years ago.

Yesterday is a lesson at best. Great things can happen to us entrepreneurs if we live thinking only of today, this week and this month. Looking ahead, with our head up. And it sounds like you're doing this.

I hope to see you here often and read the updates as you conquer obstacles.

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