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30 yo UK'er poker pro and pro procrastinator!


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Apr 2, 2018

I'm a 30 year old guy and father from the UK. I've been playing poker online for about 10 years and I've been moderately successful depending on what perspective you take. Done a lot better from it than I could've done in other fields. Managed to pay cash for my own home at about 25 yo (I know not optimal but safer than cryptos :p) and given my low living costs/lifestyle I've never stressed about money. Even if I was making $20k/month I would barely spend anything :innocent: :halo:

The cool thing about Poker was that you could exercise trial and error and get feedback from forums/peers on what you'd done wrong so the process of learning was pretty straightforward in some ways. But it was also a big learning curve in terms of mindset and character.

I talk about Poker in the past tense because although I can still make a reasonable living, that's all it is. There was a lot of money to be made in the early days but now your time/reward ratio is much lower and it's not something that would be healthy for a lifetime anyway.

I never bought into the slowlane idea in life but seeing it all laid out by MJ in TMF was very helpful. I've got unscripted but not read it yet!!

After reading some of the other intros I feel pretty intimidated, I have literally no business experience and I'm not the greatest at taking action which is obviously something I need to work on. :clench:

The path in poker was a bit clearer,just sit down, play and then analyse your play after. Rinse and repeat. At the minute everything seems kind of overwhelming and I'm really not sure how to start but this intro and participating on these forums is something. Coming from Poker I feel is a very taking mindset, it's a zero sum game and my opponent's loss is my gain whereas what MJ tries to get across is something quite different. Give first then get your rewards much later.

Looking forward to being around and hopefully one day I'll be able to contribute as well.

Peace guys :fistbump:

edit: @MJ DeMarco!
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Winners never quit
Speedway Pass
Dec 24, 2013
Hey man, welcome. Nice to see them UK numbers rising!

Interesting that a lot of fastlaners here have some sort of poker history including myself (nothing like yourself, but still played as a 'job'). I think the mindset/skill set translates somewhat.

The EL Maven

No longer life's passenger
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Dec 3, 2015
You can make this forum your 2+2, it's smaller but the advice supremely valuable.

Sure, poker is a bit more straightforward. You open up your HH, you run equity calcs, post some marginal spots, make adjustments, etc... with business you start with an objective and find your way to it. Some of the same methods for improving you can use here such as posting, reading, and interacting to get a better idea of how to improve.

Where the two are similar, set a goal, work towards it, spend time ruminating, testing, implementing, focus on improving and on the process.

I'm still upset at how Republicans in the USA killed poker - but at the same time I know that the path we're now on is much more fulfilling and rewarding. For me, poker was a means to an ends. Business was always the end game. I think it's a healthier lifestyle, too.
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Apr 2, 2018
Cool to see some other poker types in here! I remember MJ using some poker analogies. When the USA left it was all downhill from there in every sense for online poker. All the romance and spirit of the game for me came from the USA.

As for setting a goal I haven't got any specific ideas really. Maybe investing in property to produce a small bit of semi passive income or some kind of affiliate marketing or ecommerce gig. None of that is fastlane though.

But yeah this forum reminds me very much of 2+2 in the early days where you're with a bunch of very motivated people all keen to learn and help each other. It's exciting.


MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007


Bronze Contributor
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Aug 26, 2017
Thanks @MJ DeMarco, great to exchange some words with you! Just reading the welcome threads now and think I've got my work cut out with all the gold threads.

Peace :fistbump:

It’s fun! Really gold information in there. Haha

Peace by peace you get ahead, so break it up

I still go through information from there from time to time!

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