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Arek Skubida

New Contributor
Read Fastlane!
Dec 3, 2018

My name is Arek. I'm 27 yr old with wife (24) and two kids (2y9m and 7m). 3,5 years of marriage.
I discovered TMF 2 years after marriage when my second kid was under way. And then I read that I'm in the trap - slowlane trap. So since 2017 I try hard to get out of it.
It is hard - most of my income is spent on everyday life of my family. Only I earn money and it will not change for the next 2-3 years. Moreover my second kid has some issues with brain neurons.

Becouse I have to focus on family and work now, my plan is to:

1. retrain myself for the Web Developer (wife retrains herself too in free time between the kids) - I have this opportunity by self-studying and my current employer
In consequence we have a freedom to move to other places and to earn USA wage (remotely) with Polish or Thai life expenses. This will give us an opportunity to accumulate money and do some travelling.

2. We are then able to start our own Internet business (educational platform)

In consequence we have a chance to speed up an income. If no success then repeat 2.

3. I'm going to inherit 2 flats in Warsaw Poland which will be another foundation of stability

4. When I'm rich enough (maybe 200 mln or more) I'm going to finance psychoterapy for every marriage in Poland which wants it in Inigo (Jesuits Pscyhoterapy Institute in Warsaw). Why? Because of the 2WW all nation still has effects of post-traumatic stress disorder known well to soldiers. I want to help them becouse I had marriage problems too (happy end) and I hate divorce! (parents divorced).

I also want to have 5 kids or more.

Well, I have a bigger dream at the end, but it requires political involvement in the whole Baltic - Black Sea region. My country as well as the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine has been slaughtered since 1795 and I want to stop it. I want to make this countries so strong together that in consequence we could finally live in peace. I see it happening - we just have to work hard and be clever.

All the best,
Arek S.
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Legendary Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Dec 26, 2014
Chicago, IL
When I'm rich enough (maybe 200 mln or more)

How are you getting from where you are now to $200M? What's the plan?

We are then able to start our own Internet business (educational platform)

Why? Why education? Why are you the right guy to build an education platform? Why does someone need another one?

So since 2017 I try hard to get out of it.

It's been 1-2 years. What have you done?

You need to start asking yourself the hard questions and keeping yourself accountable, because as of now, your mindset is all dreams. Your post was more than half talking about what you want to do, and not how you were going to get there.

Arek Skubida

New Contributor
Read Fastlane!
Dec 3, 2018

Thank you for your answer and comments. I'll give you more details:

0) I'm on a constant diet since end of November 2018 to make me healthy and to be physically capable to work hard. I also keep to do 30 minutes of march-run once a week and I go to the gym also once a week (2 hours). I also have a lot of exercise while playing with 3 yr old son.

I read books - TMF , Dale Carnegie, Kopmeyer, Napoleon Hill and all that stuff to motivate myself, to extend the horizons and to learn something usefull in relationships, business etc. I also read some financial articles or books about sales to get some knowledge and ideas for my future business. I also go to the psychoteraphist (with my wife) every 2 weeks to finish repairing our marriage.

So - I work on the foundation which will allow me to get on the fastlane. Stability and order is the key when you have a family.

1) We joined a developer group working on a database used by Scouting. In the last 2 months we learned HTML5, CSS3 and Git with repository in Bitbucket. Now, we're learning Bootstrap and JS (JavaScript) with Angular. In 6 months from now or less, me and my wife (she focuses on UX/UI Design) will be good enough to have a first Junior FrontEnd Dev / Junior UX Designer position and my income will rise by 30-40%. Next year we will also learn some BackEnd languages like PHP, MySQL to become a FullStack Dev.

It is popular that when you have 2 years of experience or more in Development, you can get a remote job from UK/France/Benelux so your income spikes to 20-30k PLN per month (you can live like you had 20k $ in US, because of lower life expenses).

If we work both, we can have 40-60k PLN - pretty good but it is still exchanging time for money.
So the first step will probably take 3-4 years.

2) Education platform. I want to focus on teaching Math and start in Poland, then expand to the West. In Poland we have a school leaving exam called "matura". Many students (I have exact statistics) fail to pass basic math part of this exam. Because there is a pressure to have a uni degree, there is a big need to help this high-school students. So I have an exact target audience and math is not a rocket science. There are maybe 6 serious competitors in this market, but I'm pretty sure I can do it better. So there is a chance to have a fastlane business which will generate 200-300k PLN every year (17-25k/month). For me thats something. It is better to have this than nothing. So I have to create a product, a website and get the clients. I can start by teaching f2f, then marketing etc (I'll figure it out).

If this will work, I'll move to the West -> translate to english, french, spanish and german.

3) 1-2 years. I spent this years on reading, dealing with marriage and family problems, finishing master degree in Optoelectronics and opening my mind. It is a process because I do not have any entrepreneur in family so I had to start believing that it is possible and not that scary. Also TMF was a big eye-opener to me. I needed time to digest it, read it 5 times and explain it to my wife (she started reading this month and likes it). Kids are also time-consuming.
I had to grow to be ready to start and I had to clean up my personal life to start giving outside.

4) 200 mln - I don't really need this much money for me. At the moment I know that points 1) and 2) will generate maybe 10 mln PLN (2,5 mln USD) in 6 years. Then I will think what to do to earn 200 mln - maybe expanding the platform to the West will help it? Or a platform to teach Ukrainians polish language? (as a result of War in Donbas (Ukraine), 1.5 mln Ukrainins migrated to Poland). Or an automatic laundry (not popular yet in Poland)? Geopolitics are changing fast and everything can happen - you have China, Russia, USA and it allies, Germany and the EU, Middle East, Africa-Europe migrant crisis, incoming world market crisis. Nobody really knows what will happen.

I try to focus on the present day. We had 18 wars with Russia. We occupied Moscow for 2 years and we disappeared from maps for 123 years. From the little state to the biggest state in Europe just to be enslaved. History has a humour and I try to be seriously focused on what I want to do in short term (5 years) and to have longterm dreams (but try not to be attached to them if something goes wrong). You know what I mean? :)

So - I have a detailed plan for 10 mln and dream for 200 mln. Detailed plan will appear when I achieve 10 mln - I will have more knowledge, experience and possibilities.

I'm open to further comments - I want to learn. I would appreciate every advice.
Thank you for your comment once again :)

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