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  1. YoungPadawan

    ATTENTION All Web Designers and App Developers

    Don’t you hate trying to make sure that your website or app loads quickly? Endlessly testing your website on GTMetrix. Refreshing the page. Testing different web hosting providers to try to squeeze out a little more speed. I mean, you want to make your website look great with awesome graphics...
  2. J

    Government Website Opportunity - Am I in Over my head!?!

    hey everyone... i have a acquaintance who is involved in my local town... he called me today and offered me to take on building and managing a website for our county. the website already exists so I am unsure yet if it actually requires a rebuild but that may be a possibility given the below. I...
  3. theautismgenius

    CMS or programming website which one is better ?

    Hi guys it's Alexis Autotte ! I came here to ask a question about computer science stuffs and now the semester is soon finishing and this summer I want to build the website dedicated to the Achilles brand some friends of mine are helping me for the moment to host the server and a question comes...
  4. B

    How can I create an interactive feed with customer reviews from my Google business account?

    Hi! I've got several positive reviews in my Google business account and want to display them via clickable feed on my site. I also want this feed to redirect users to my business account by clicking it. What's the best solution here? Use screenshots of customer feedback and add links to them?
  5. wafula

    Website Designing As New Skill

    What can I do to break scripted life? How can I establish a money tree? If online has opportunities, are they limited to America Only? How can I like a producer and not a consumer? My educational background is procurement and logistics management, how can I use this to change my life? Look...

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