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  1. MTF

    Are You Offering a Painkiller or a Vitamin?

    Alex Lieberman, co-founder, and Executive Chairman of Morning Brew, recorded an interesting episode on the importance of being a painkiller, not a vitamin in business. The episode and the transcript is here...
  2. L

    Finding Needs/Wants

    Okay, so this is where I'm stuck. I purchased the insiders subscriptions manly in the hope that it would give me some good ideas needing execution. There is nothing immediately viable though. Although I really want needs rather than solutions. So whats the ideal need? It is: A problem or item...
  3. FastLaner007

    List of NEEDS to fill thread

    Dear FastLaners, I am not sure if a thread exactly like mine here exists, if so please point me to that thread. I want to make it easier for all the 'doers' here to just find that occasional inspiration or the right idea/opportunity to execute on. Let's have a list of all the...
  4. El Príncipe

    New Skill Unlocked: The Sight (Level 2: Business Potential)

    Since reading TMF I've been shifting attention to the needs of those around me. What are they saying? What are they communicating? What do they want? What could I help them with? How can I give them value? A lot of times it's so easy. Just complimenting somebody on their appearance. Giving them...
  5. Spicymemer45

    NEED HELP! (Discovering a need/want)

    Hey all! As you can read I am having a little trouble determining how to find a want/need to be filled in the modern market. I'm open to any and all ideas! This is how my thought process for finding them is as of now Listening to complaints on the internet, google keywording things Whatever...