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tony robbins

  1. LARS-L7R

    Welcome and I have question

    What do you think about Tony Robbins' seminar? Is it an auto denominated finnacial guru?
  2. MJ DeMarco

    Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    OFF-TOPIC He made some comments awhile back that wasn't favorable to the "me too" movement and now this. Not sure what I believe. Tony has a blunt, "in your face" way about exposing our internal dogmas, perhaps it was...
  3. persistencyiskey

    Awaken the Giant Within By Tony Robbins: Book Discussion

    I'm sure a lot of you have already read this classic, but I just finished it and WOW. Tony Robbins is incredible and the way he's able to present all of this information and make it easily digestible is fascinating. I strongly feel like this is one of those books that anybody who is struggling...
  4. Ernman

    Tony Robbins sells out; reveals his Paradox of Practice, cringeworthy.

    Tony Robbins wants you to invest: 'You are not going to earn your way into a fortune' Michelle Fox | @MFoxCNBC Published 3 Hours Ago ""You are not going to earn your way into a fortune. Even people that do that don't usually keep it," Robbins said on "Power Lunch." "You have to make money...
  5. VirginiaR

    Is Tony Robbins book MONEY Master the Game worth the read?

    Hi guys, Hope you're having a nice day. I was checking out the Tony Robbins book Money Master the Game and I was wondering if it's worth the read in the sense of: Does it follow the Fastlane or Slowlane perspective? Is it worth my time? My mission is to get more Financially savvy and the...
  6. Tanisha

    Unscripted - do as I say, not do.

    THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY, this man made no more than $14,000 a year and some guy comes up to him and said i'll make you rich, and he's like how i only work at ups make $14 grand, he replys invest 20% of your income and he did he eventually ended up with $70,000,000 at 90 freaking years old, Tony...
  7. Sanj Modha

    Pleasure vs Pain - How you can improve productivity

    I'm currently reading Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins. If you've never seen it - it's a masterpiece written some 25 years ago. I'm a big fan of Robbins and generally - all roads lead back to him. In Chapter 1, Robbins says that all decisions are made by how you associate pleasure or...
  8. Daniel A

    MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

    Hey, I'm not sure if you've heard about Tony Robbins new book or not... Well if you haven't, he launched his new book recently and there's one aspect of his launch that's just great. Tony is going to donate all the proceeds from his new book to help feed less fortunate people this...
  9. Y.B.

    Tony Robbins Fans? Unleash the Power?

    Has anyone here been to his seminar: Unleash the Power? If not, is anyone interested in going? There is one in San Jose, CA on June 26-29th General Admission $995 for two tickets = $497.50 per ticket avg