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  1. Nichlas Bach

    How to earn money as a teen in Europe

    Hello all, I'm a 16-year-old from Europe. I just finished high school and I now have until August 2024 to make €5.000 (nearly the same as $5.000) or I have to go to college say my parents - college is free though I have to point it out, still costs a lot of time (3 years). I'm wondering if you...
  2. OkLetsGo

    A teenager's thoughts on life

    Hey guys, I'm 16 years old and life in Germany and since one and a half years or something I am on self-improvement and trying to build myself a free future. I'm just too scared of having to work for the rest of my life when I get out of school, I know I'm still young and quite literally no one...
  3. pavan_k

    YouTube Channel: 0-100K - Documenting My Journey

    Hi! I've just finished reading the Fastlane, and came to the conclusion that a YouTube channel is the best business to start, because it fulfills all the commandments. This thread is going to be me doing a weekly log of my journey of growing this YouTube channel into a personal brand and a...
  4. L

    Should I learn accounting before building a business & how should I familiarize myself in my new community.

    I'm currently 15 year old in high school, in Australia and I just read all of MJ's books. I'm kinda asking myself the practicality and the usefulness of the lessons they teach in school, the concepts they teach in school don't seem practical or useful when I have a business to me. I always ask...
  5. Leon9

    New here need advice from fastlane practitioners.

    Hi. This is my first content on this forum. I am writing it here to introduce myself and at the same time to ask for practical advice to help me practically move to the fastlane. So. I am a 16 year old teenager from Europe. I effectively dropped out of school for productivity. Last year I made...
  6. TimoS.

    Which job should I choose?

    Hello my name is Timo, I am 17 years old and in 5 months i have finished my Abitur (german equivalent to High School diplom) For the past year I was focused entirely on my self development and changed many aspects of my life for the better. I started going to the gym, studying more, reading non...
  7. said.e01

    17 year old teenager wants to start a business

    Hey, my name is Said, I am a 17-year-old teenager from Germany, and I have the burning desire to create my own business. I read The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco like 1 week ago and this book really opened my eye. I don't want to go the same path everyone in our society is going. I want to...
  8. G

    14 year old learning skills

    I am a 14 year old boy and I want to have an online business in the future. At the moment I am focusing on getting good grades and when I have time I am researching social media marketing and dropshipping because I am planning on using the dropshipping store for practicing ads. I want to learn...
  9. connorkennxdy

    Should I get a 'Regular Job' to fund Fastlane venture as a 17y/o?

    I'll jump straight to it. I make between 300-450GBP per month with my weekend jobs (pay varies due to overtime & no. weeks in the month). I invest 100GBP per month into mutual funds. Driving lessons are between 140-180GBP per month (depending how many weeks are in the month). Food expenses...
  10. connorkennxdy

    How To Choose Between Multiple Business Ideas?

    I've recently had an idea for a SaaS business which satisfies CENTS. I have been mind-mapping it out to figure out how I'll go about starting & building it. However, I've also had another idea whilst thinking of problems I can solve via a business. It also satisfies CENTS but I don't want to...
  11. mikecarlooch

    Got My First Sale On a New Product.. Now What?

    So I made a product where it's a club for teenagers that workout and it's a bunch of good information, videos, etc. All I did was put the link to it in my linktree links and out of no where I got a sale for a $8.95 recurring charge without even marketing the product. What should be my next steps...
  12. mikecarlooch

    I am 19, I have $15,000, and I have an audience.

    Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on my situation to make the most out of my business. Need some help First of all, If you're wondering how I got the $15,000, I got by starting with selling things on ebay, I funneled that into sports cards, those went up a lot, and then I put that money into...
  13. MaximilianT

    I introduce myself

    Hello MJ and everybody else reading this. I am Max, a 14 year old italian boy. I have read the millionaire fastlane , and i love it! Without any doubt, it changed my mind about wealth and the sidewalk. I'm looking forward to talk with like minded people and learn from them. I am working on my...
  14. HADES

    Journey of change

    Hey everyone Just joined the community yesterday and glad i can be a part of it. I'm currently doing Youtube video's (about 34 subscribers) but not seeing any growth altough i'v been uploading pretty consistent for the past 8 months. I've done another channel with my friend but he deleted the...
  15. Kapi

    Alone or togheter?

    . H
  16. Jonathan S.Diaz

    Making decisions about online markets

    I'm a fastlane newbie with experience in software development and have been thinking about building my own brand. However, this motivation has come from a software developer with a brand promoting the same lifestyle to thousands of other software developers. (Not sure if a guru or...) Now the...
  17. Y

    Hello I'm YoungnBroke

    Hello I'm YoungnBroke my name is programm, sadly. I'm 15 years old from Austria and reading TMF (currently reading Chapter 40). As I am in school full-time I don't have to much time to trade time for money because my education eats up 50 hours a week for no revenue than a piece of paper at the...
  18. M

    Graduate early?

    Hey there everyone! My name is Michael. I'm 17 and a Junior in high school. (and very glad I got the entrepreneurial kick as early as I have). I'm having a difficult time deciding whether to graduate from high school after this year or go through my senior year. After this school year, I'll only...
  19. M

    Should teenagers be independent?

    I am 20 years studying computer science and living with my parents. I live in Qatar and here it is totally the norm to live with your parents while studying. I believe living with my parents brings me down in terms of achieving my goals. What should I do? I believe this question is important...
  20. Stevie Drive

    3 critical tips to a young entrepreneur...

    "Hello, my name is ******, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm only 16 years old right now, but I want to get into business when I get older. I've read one of your comments and was wondering if you could give me any tips, on things I should start doing now to learn how to run a...

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