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  1. N

    I am extremely frustrated because of taxes. How can you still stay motivated??

    Hey guys, so I worked a lot in the past years and managed to generate some revenue. Its not that much, but enough that they now want thousands $ of taxes from me. It makes me extremely angry, that I have put so much work, time and energy into something (probably had an hourly rate of a few...
  2. Joker_P5R

    Sometimes, and somewhere, getting a job is REALLY BETTER than build any kind of business…

    Hello to all, The thread title is purposely provocative. I would like to write a post, maybe long and a little heavy, but that I would, selfishly, become a brainstorming corner on a topic that often divides. I read the story of @Axe ; beautiful and I want to congratulate him most sincerely...
  3. L

    Switching from Medicine (Becoming A Doctor) to Becoming An Entrepreneur

    Hello there, I'll start by saying I'm currently a junior at a university in Kentucky studying Neuroscience, and I'm 20 years old. Ever since high school, the goal was to become a doctor, and thankfully, I got a scholarship to study Neuroscience in college. So far, I've maintained a perfect GPA...
  4. J

    HELP WITH TAXES for online marketing agency (self-employed) **

    Hello, so I am ready to start my social media marketing agency, I just have one important question before I start taking clients, and it has to do with taxes. I will be operating as a sole proprietorship, working as a self-employed individual. This will only be for the first few year or so as...
  5. Camzcl

    Accrual Accounting Question

    Hi all! Hope you're having a lovely Monday. As tax season comes to an end I'm facing a little dilemma here. My business sells physical products that are quite elaborate to manufacture. due to the worldwide logistics shitshow, we've had several delays delivering product to our client this year...
  6. MJ DeMarco

    The 3T Financial Strategy, How to Make the Right Hold/Buy Decision...

    New video on YouTube on a topic that was recently mentioned here. The 3Ts of making financial decisions is NOT addressed in either of my prior two books (TMF or Unscripted) and is only mentioned in The Great Rat Race Escape. View: If you haven't...
  7. M

    Help! Income tax on startup option exercise is gonna break me...

    TL;DR...what is the best country to exercise US stock options in? I'm finally about to get a stock options grant agreement from the startup I joined over 2 years ago next week, with accelerated vesting from the time I joined, and a strike price reflective of the then value of the company. The...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    2024 State Tax Rankings... Time for You to Move?

    Part of the reason why I moved to Utah from Arizona... AZ continues to slowly slide lower, and lower, and lower. Happy to see Utah in the top ten, albeit, just barely. Nevada was a consideration but I have zero trust in their state government, on top of strict Covid protocols (endangering its...
  9. C

    Business Taxes in Italy

    Hi guys! I'm new here and I would like to create a website, but I had few questions to ask you because I'd like to understand if this is Italian problem or it's pretty much everywhere the same thing ahahah. Basically in Italy if I want to create a website from scratch I should pay 7k of taxes...
  10. BellaPippin

    They want to amend the IL constitution to eAT tHE rICH

    So uh.. I just got this as a pamphlet in the mail, they want to change the flat rate income tax in IL to be able to randomly assign a tax rate to "the wealthy" and the arguments "pro-change" they give....... it's like Bernie wrote it. Idk, you be the judge. Somewhere in a deep forest a bald...
  11. FlightFight

    What are the differences between running a one-man company in Germany versus in the US?

    I live in Germany and running a one-man company here seems like a lot of bureaucratic work although I only have very surface level knowledge of the matter. There's also a lot of laws regarding privacy concerns and the internet which you have to pay attention to in Germany. I wonder if it's any...
  12. eTox

    Import duties and fees on Chinese product sold to US customers from Canada

    Hi everyone, I have this simple but interesting question that I can't find an answers to. I think many of us here who are just starting out importing products and selling to US will be interested in this question as well. Given a fictional scenario: Product is custom made in china for each...
  13. pinonirvana

    How to protect our investments? Did COVID affected yours?

    Hello everyone! I would like to understand better how you manage your money system: 1) concerning your investments, do you shield yourself behind a company or invest as a private? I live in Europe, so for sure rules are different here, but it is still interesting to understand how you...
  14. Cat Lady

    Best way to do employee heath coverage?

    Let's talk health benefits for employees. We have 4 employees >30 hours a week and 4 part time staff. We'd like to extend a health care stipend, and it looked like a QSEHRA was the best way to do it. It lets us extend the same amount (i.e. $200 a month) to every employee to reimburse for any...
  15. 21elnegocio

    Taxes - Strategies or Techniques to Lower My Tax Bill?

    Hello Just wanted to see what are your guys techniques or strategies that you use to lower down your tax bill at the end of the year ?
  16. S

    Yearly Corporation Maintenance Fees

    I've seen that there are corporation tax filing fees, and other fees. It looked to be around $1200 USD per year to just maintain a corporation (I could be wrong, I only did a quick search). At what level of side-hustle income would it make sense to switch from a very very liable sole...
  17. Tom.V

    Tired of Paying Taxes? Move Your Business to Puerto Rico

    Are you living in the US? Sick and tired of paying obscene corporate, dividend, capital gains, and personal taxes? Do you like warm weather, beautiful beaches, and beautiful women? You might want to look into Puerto Rico. But let’s back up. It was about a year or so ago I really started...
  18. André Casal

    How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    I'm at a point in my business where I need to start worrying about taxes. From what I've learned about IRS and IRC, the best way to legally pay no taxes is to either report zero net profit by balancing your expenses or open business in a country where there are no taxes. Setting up business in...
  19. D

    Tax Prep for Internet Entrepreneurs - Who Do You Use?

    I am looking for a tax prep pro for the upcoming tax season. I don't want to do this myself since it is against my religion to perform any task outside of my area of expertise when I can hire a qualified individual to do so. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to what I should look for...
  20. Aleph

    Setting up an untouchable foundation?

    I've been playing with an idea of an end goal lately, spurred on by -what I believe- were some extremely shocking examples of gov't incompetence. Spent some time at my parents,where a news paper is available. Old habits and all... It may be outlandish. My parents sure as hell wouldn't even want...