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  1. Cat Lady

    Best way to do employee heath coverage?

    Let's talk health benefits for employees. We have 4 employees >30 hours a week and 4 part time staff. We'd like to extend a health care stipend, and it looked like a QSEHRA was the best way to do it. It lets us extend the same amount (i.e. $200 a month) to every employee to reimburse for any...
  2. 21elnegocio

    Taxes - Strategies or Techniques to Lower My Tax Bill?

    Hello Just wanted to see what are your guys techniques or strategies that you use to lower down your tax bill at the end of the year ?
  3. S

    Yearly Corporation Maintenance Fees

    I've seen that there are corporation tax filing fees, and other fees. It looked to be around $1200 USD per year to just maintain a corporation (I could be wrong, I only did a quick search). At what level of side-hustle income would it make sense to switch from a very very liable sole...
  4. Tom.V

    Tired of Paying Taxes? Move Your Business to Puerto Rico

    Are you living in the US? Sick and tired of paying obscene corporate, dividend, capital gains, and personal taxes? Do you like warm weather, beautiful beaches, and beautiful women? You might want to look into Puerto Rico. But let’s back up. It was about a year or so ago I really started...
  5. André Casal

    HOT TOPIC How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    I'm at a point in my business where I need to start worrying about taxes. From what I've learned about IRS and IRC, the best way to legally pay no taxes is to either report zero net profit by balancing your expenses or open business in a country where there are no taxes. Setting up business in...
  6. pledgerar

    Tax Prep for Internet Entrepreneurs - Who Do You Use?

    I am looking for a tax prep pro for the upcoming tax season. I don't want to do this myself since it is against my religion to perform any task outside of my area of expertise when I can hire a qualified individual to do so. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to what I should look for...
  7. Aleph

    Setting up an untouchable foundation?

    I've been playing with an idea of an end goal lately, spurred on by -what I believe- were some extremely shocking examples of gov't incompetence. Spent some time at my parents,where a news paper is available. Old habits and all... It may be outlandish. My parents sure as hell wouldn't even want...
  8. Z

    When to incorporate?

    Hi guys. Have been a solo operation running digital marketing and analytics for a couple years now. Income is set to cross over the 6 figure marketing 2019 and just wondering, for tax purposes, if there are any benefits to be had about forming an LLC or S-Corp and paying myself as the sole...
  9. FastLaner007

    HOT TOPIC Can I live off of interest on $100 Million for life?

    If I earn $100Million after taxes via businesses in the USA and Europe, what taxes will I need to pay on yearly interest/dividends of 5% from investments of the $100Million principal after accounting for 3% inflation for example? I am 27 now BTW. And let's assume that I will live till 85. Can I...
  10. A

    Tax Help

    Hello, my name is Anthony and I am trying to start an online retail business under amazon. I already have product and an account set up with amazon. I entered my info for the tax verification in amazon and it came back negative. I called the irs and they said the only way to get a profile is to...
  11. M

    INTRO Newbie -Entrepreneur

    Hi All, I do just about whatever opportunity comes my way. I am all over the place so will try to summarize what I am about. I like to help other entrepreneurs. That could be with consulting to run your business from an international standpoint no matter where you are, to help with accepting...
  12. X

    15k Tax Dept With 21

    Hello, i am trying to make this as short as possible. I was earning a good amount of money in 2016. I also put the tax money on a separate bank account so i cant accidentally spend it. But after half a year my money was spend and nothing new was coming in anymore. So i started to use the tax...
  13. jesseissorude

    My Friend hasn't paid Canadian Sales Taxes since 2014. Next steps?

    Title says it all. He hasn't filed 2014-2016 (but paid 2017) He doesn't have a big business... just a one man consulting gig editing videos. Canadian Revenue Agency called him and he owes between CAD$4.5k-6k. I'm trying to help him out with advice, but I'm in the USA and have no experience...
  14. M

    INTRO Hello from Kuala Lumpur

    Hello everyone, I'm Michael and I'm happy to join this forum. I am starting out on drop shipping and would like to network with like minded individuals. I'm also searching for information about doing eCommerce business in US and UK using an Offshore company. Can this be done to minimize tax ...
  15. FreedomVibes

    Anyone have a CPA they recommend?

    Hi All, Does anyone have a CPA they'd recommend? I am based in NY, United States, but am willing to work with a CPA in another state. I previously used a CPA that was real estate focused (and wasn't quite happy with the job he did). But as the years passed, I've added two businesses to the...
  16. TKDTyler

    Do you work for your 401k or does your 401k work for you?

    *Disclaimer: I am not in any way shape or form a license tax professional. I am in no way advocating dodging tax laws – this serves as an informatory post and use of the information should be consulted between you and your own tax professional* Traditionally, 401k’s have been a slowlaner’s way...
  17. rsj

    Can someone recommend me a book about taxes

    Hey guys, This year i got fired from my job(best thing that ever happened) and i started doing contracting work, I am going to have a 1099 when i file for taxes. I don't know anything about taxes, so can someone recommend me some books that i can listen to to learn some basics also any tips...
  18. CareCPA

    A-M-A US-Based Taxes/Business Formation (CPA)

    Since this section of the forum is not as robust, I wanted to add some info that would hopefully help those starting out in their business. There is a short stickied thread, but I didn't want to hijack it. This is a work in progress, and will be updated and people ask questions/I have extra time...
  19. Fred Chevry

    Popular Dual Dad Guru sounds very Unscripted to me

    We've all known him to be the guy who got rich selling the slowlane while he got rich some other way. I've recently watched two interviews with him an can't help to notice that he now sounds a lot like someone who's had enough. Calling major B.S. on the school system, financial illiteracy...
  20. rogainer

    Canadian business, how to pay U.S. employee?

    Does anyone here have a Canadian business with U.S. employees? Or know the best way to handle this? Or can refer an accountant who knows? Employee or subcontractor? U.S. bank account? Paypal? Wire transfer? Looking for convenience & to minimize taxes & fees for both the employee and employer...

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