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How to protect our investments? Did COVID affected yours?

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Mar 26, 2020
Hello everyone!

I would like to understand better how you manage your money system:

1) concerning your investments, do you shield yourself behind a company or invest as a private? I live in Europe, so for sure rules are different here, but it is still interesting to understand how you structure your investments in terms of tax optimization. Any advice?

2) How flexible are your investments? In Unscripted @MJ DeMarco mentions Bonds, ETFs, Stocks, etc... but do you invest in something else as well? Like Real Estate, startups, physical businesses and so on? I would like to understand your grade of diversification and risk tolerance, because in my soul (and I am sure it is the same for many other users) I am totally scared to pass my money to the finance world, let they invest it for me and sleep at night, mainly because unfortunately it is getting pretty common (at least in my country) to hear that Bank X has been shut down because of money laundering or corruption and so it disappeared with millions from its customers...

3) During this period of worldwide pandemic, did your yields have been affected? How much? Have one of your investment firms been affected? And during this period are you going to buy more because the market is low? Or maybe are you going to buy new assets in different sectors? Is there something we can all learn from this pandemic?

Thank you for reading my questions and for your advice.

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May 5, 2019

I had quite a good guess and sold 2/3 of my investments basically an hour before the bear marathon. Lucky me. I put everything in bonds but was not able to hedge. Unfortunately, the liquidity sales of the market on bonds and gold took me by surprise, still I was a tiny wee positive.

I have switched and bought recently into gold related businesses for the gold price leveraging effect they will have if people rush into gold. I do not like to buy calls and puts but this way I can somehow participate similarly.

Right now, I am overall positive with attiutude and money - but you never know. It is a gamble.

I anticipate another drop and guess this right now is a bull trap. If it drops on the second bear market which I guess will start in two to three weeks, I will probably jump back into normal stocks.

Right now, I am screening very much on debt to equity levels for new investments.

I would like to go into oil and gas businesses soon because I do not have any stock in this and I see some opportunity. But still, some companies have here an unhealthy high debt level which I would like to avoid...

But what do I know, it is all educated guessing ...

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