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  1. T

    What is the best possible way to break into the internet services market.

    Hello fastlaners, this is my first post on here so I thought I would introduce myself. I am a 15 year old "hustler" from the beautiful country of Bulgaria. Despite my age I have made decent profits on side hustles like reselling and digital e-commerce. Also I am a freelancing web developer on...
  2. SofianeMessaoudi

    Business Model

    To all accomplished entrepreneurs, I kindly request your insights regarding the most effective business model that has contributed to the successful launch of your career, along with the sequential steps you undertook to achieve your current position. Your valuable expertise will greatly...
  3. KiwiEC

    How to deal with illegal/free sharing of my product?

    Hi Fastlaners, I am building a business to sold digital products through an Ecommerce website. I am close to get my MVP and I will start to build the website soon. This first product will be purchasable through one-time paiements. You pay, you download it (through a link or an incoming email...
  4. Jannina Emila

    New entrepreneur needs a second opinion on strategy

    Needing an opinion from you guys. I’m a new ish entrepreneur, past 1.5 years tested numerous different strategies and offers with my business and now finally feels like I’m starting to find the longer term, enjoyable and sustainable way I want to build my business (building a brand in social...
  5. derraf

    From Zero to the First Million Users

    Hello guys! This is my first post on this forum, I'm reading some of your posts for some time now and I decided to start posting and sharing and discussing SEO, UX, and Business Strategy with you guys. Before I start telling my history, sorry if I misspell something, English is not my main...
  6. Woosah

    How to Effectively Start Any Creative Project to Make It a Big Success

    The brain’s most impressive faculty isn’t memory and relying on it too much as an entrepreneur can be detrimental to your success. Let me tell my take on why this is important, especially at the start of any creative endeavor (like starting a business). The reason humans have survived as a...
  7. Mike Carr

    Entering a Dying Market? (Photography)

    Smartphones are killing the photography industry. According to this video, camera sales are down over 90% in the last decade. However, there's still a thriving niche community on sites like DPReview. As an avid photographer myself, I'd love to try and serve these folks. So it got me...
  8. MaxT

    Your best strategies for promoting a book

    Hello, I published a book three years ago, it is rather appreciated by the public and sells itself even if I do not advertise it. I would like to generate more income each month, and therefore increase my sales. Currently, I have already tried to promote by responding to tweets related to the...
  9. Jonas Napier

    Export Strategy Based On CENTS

    I'm reading the Great Rat Race Escape at the moment and I LOVE it... (read millionaire fastlane and Unscripted as well - ah actually it was audio..). I'm working on an Export Strategy Plan that I must create to apply for a government funding program here in Denmark. I believe I read that one...
  10. ZahScr

    Hey! - Who wants to share their fastlane experience so far?

    Hey all! - Just joined recently How's are people's fastlane ideas and strategies playing out? What were some big challenges? I'm just finishing up the Millionaire Fastlane. I've been a little wary of business / personal growth books lately, but this is one of those rare books that...
  11. ProcessPro

    Any ideas on how to market to Amazon sellers?

    I offer services that can benefit the aforementioned target market, but I'm not sure what's the best point of contact. I'm thinking of going on the seller page then 'Ask a Question'. What do you think? Any help or ideas are appreciated.
  12. behappy1300

    New idea/general advice

    Hello all, This is my first post. Just want to say MJ has opened my mind so much. I have been so unhappy in every job I ever had. Even when I was making $2k to $3k a week, and I realized it's because I have never been free the way I want to. I'm sick and tired of being a time prostitute. I'm...
  13. S

    Shall I make the prototype myself? / Some good, trusted companies in the U.K?

    So, I think I've thought of an invention after following the advise in Un-scripted - (when you notice a problem / predicament / something that doesn't exist yet, then ACT!) The invention(product) is fairly simple in design (with range options) and I imagine easy to manufacture and produce -...

    How to Make the Right Fastlane Decision in an Agony of Choices?

    My question for the WADM fortune teller was more concretely: "How can I provide for the family (Income) and still get the most out for my fastlane journey." The fastlane journey being an internet business or application of some kind. I want to start building this business from zero as soon as...
  15. Cheefoo

    Digital Transformation - Another hype?

    What is digital transformation to you? If you ask any working adults, probably they may say it's about to streamline the whole business process or being paperless. Well, this big word is more than being paperless, cloud, AI or chatbot. It's also not about updating your technology or enhancing...
  16. smark

    The Luxury Strategy

    Since most of you guys here focus on consumer goods and "traditional"/mass marketing methods, I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a macro-level view of the so-called "Luxury Strategy." This is the most successful marketing & management strategy used in the luxury sector (cars...
  17. Niptuck MD

    A good video that you need to watch

    The legend Michael Porter has written some of the greatest books on competitive strategy and strategy in the business realm as a whole. I stumbled upon these gems on youtube. If you cant read the book (it is a hefty read) I suggest you watch the vids. Nothing has changed and you will see the...
  18. S

    How to scale a life coaching business? 6 years doing 1 on 1.

    Hey ladies and gentleman, i'm glad i've come across this forum, i've been watching alot of Demarco's videos and reading alot on the forum, i know of the C.E.N.T.S checklist, but am struggling to figure out which way to scale my life coaching business. till this point i have done pretty well...
  19. advancedyn

    The Four Pillars of Apple Strategy

    I just read this article and thought some of you would get something out of it to. My question to you is: "How would YOU do number four? " 1. Offer a small number of products. 2. Focus on high-end products and consumers. 3. Give priority to profits over market share. 4. Create a "halo...
  20. C

    giving all my company’s profits away! (Preferably without starving)

    hey everyone! I’m thinking about starting a c Corp that donates 100% of profits to a charitable foundation. I want to collect a reasonable salary and donate the remainder. My products competitive edge is its charitable spirit, so I want to advertise “100% of profits go to charity” Here are my...

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