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start a business

  1. eskmoh

    build web-programing startup

    guys how can we make this start up in detail?
  2. G

    First move with a bit of cash saved up but no skills? What is the absolute first step to allow you to provide value?

    What should be the first move to get you started making ENTREPRENEURIAL money? Is it coming up with an idea? Just learning a skill? If you already have a decent bit of money, and you have your basic necessities (food, shelter, clothes, etc) taken care of, what is the first step to start making...
  3. A

    Would you use this and what services would you like to add?

    A platform where you can book vetted local, on the ground services in other countries to get things done without flying there or going through local agencies. Services include: Attending local trade show on your behalf Visiting factory/products Verifying a local business/property/documents...
  4. LukasOO

    If you were dropped off in another state/country, similar to your own, what would be your moves to achieve financial success?

    More of a discussion thread, I'd like to hear what would be your approach. I personally would start off buying some power cleaners, and exterior cleaning tools, and start a cold-approach based business in different neighborhoods. I'd then try out new hires and scale it from there.
  5. A

    Feedback & Validation - Rental Marketplace

    Hey Fastlane Forum, Massive MJ fan here. Read Millionaire & Unscripted and it really changed my perspective on life. Anyways, I finally got off my a$$ and started to work on my business: arrch. You can find the link to the pre-MPV website here: arrch Basically, I found that the property...
  6. Y4P

    Getting started at the fitness industry.

    Dear fastlaners, I was wondering to myself: “Why even when people have all the info they need in order to lose fat/gain muscle mass, many still claim they don’t know how to do it?” I thought to myself if I could just fix that simple problem, I could help millions which naturally transforms to...
  7. said.e01

    17 year old teenager wants to start a business

    Hey, my name is Said, I am a 17-year-old teenager from Germany, and I have the burning desire to create my own business. I read The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco like 1 week ago and this book really opened my eye. I don't want to go the same path everyone in our society is going. I want to...
  8. K

    Idea to combat porn addiction (is there a market?)

    I've been slated and borderline ridiculed by people around me and on reddit for this idea I've been pitching. Maybe I'm naive, but I see how many people out there complain about their struggles with porn addiction, I see various videos on TikTok and think pieces on Twitter about how serious of...
  9. M

    Best way to deal with walking alone.

    I know that being an entrepreneur and starting a business is a path I'm going for the most part be walking alone. Though I'm having troubles making peace with this realization. Most of my "friends" think I'm stupid for wanting to start a business and work towards setting myself financially free...
  10. jwest95

    27 Years Old, Living Mortgage Free, But Unsure Of My Next Step...

    So I've just moved into a fully-paid off house at 27 years old. I'm in an extremely fortunate position to be able to say this and in many ways feel secure for my financial future. At the same time, I in some ways feel a bit lost on what my next step should be. I'm currently working a job, it's...
  11. Selfmadeujjwal

    I'm 18 Y/O and have a business ideas but don't have capital to start

    Hey I'm 18 years old now and I'm from a tier 3 country India and I've a lot of interest in internet marketing and e-commerce. I've tried organic affiliate marketing via Facebook but it didn't worked out for me. Then I started learning about funnels and sales letters by Russell brunson and it...
  12. Umer.Khalid

    Foreigner living in GCC (Bahrain)

    Hello, everyone. MJ, @MJ DeMarco thanks for giving me the privilege to join the fastlaneforum My name is Umer Khalid, and I am 27-year old electrical engineer working with the military of Bahrain. Although I'm not a citizen, but I've been living in Bahrain for the past 21 years. Originally...
  13. Om1chael

    Rate my interview questions

    Hey guys, first time poster here. So, im basically starting to take action however, I don't have any ideas. To counter this I'm going to interview strangers (mainly students) about their issues: Could you guys rate my questions for me? (I took inspiration from start from zero)...
  14. L

    Having to many ideas

    Hey, A fictional scenario: You have found 3 ideas to meet all the aspects of CENTS. What other criteria would you choose to make a decision for one idea (and thus against the 2 others)? (To implement all of them is not possible in this scenario) My Problem is that i have many ideas and i cant...
  15. hsonnenahalli

    Hello All!

    I am a technology enthusiast, a constant learner, and have a big vision. I am working as a solution architect. I enjoy solving complex integration problems related to business and creating strategic solutions that help customers reduce the total cost of operations and prevent business...
  16. jooelnilssonn

    How do I get from just my idea to a built company?

    Im 17 years old. Just dropped out of highschool. Just landed my first job as a warehouseworker, starting next week. Im living with my girlfriends family, and need to get an apartment very soon. So I'm yet a no one with no skills or anything. All I've got is a pretty good intellect and huge...
  17. P

    My fitness business in Japan

    Alright, before anything - yes, I know it's a highly saturated market (even on this side of the globe). Being said that, heres my story: I came to Japan in 2013 to do my Ph.D course. Things were going good and I was planning to get in one of research facilities here in Japan upon completion...
  18. S

    Looking for Founder and Small Business Stories

    Hey there, My name is Mike, and I'm the founder of Small Business Mentor. Our mission is to help anyone start, manage, and scale their business. In 2022 we focus on building content that inspires others to start their own business. This will include "founder stories" highlighting you and your...
  19. lollo

    I want to start my entrepreneurial journey but I don't know when... let me explain.

    I read Mj's books, I decided to get on the Fastlane and become an entrepreneur. The thing is, I basically read only MJ's books about entrepreneurship. I have no background at all, no knowledge and formation to start. Yes Mj's books are excellent but I think I need more, they are not enough...
  20. Joseph_

    Unique business ideas for you to steal (with the help of AI)

    Hi people! :praise: So I consider myself a big "idea guy", I love coming up with ones myself, hearing about others' and I even created a bot that generates IDEAS. Yes, app & actual business ideas. I wanted to share 20 product ideas (generated by IdeaBot) with you today, feel free to steal any...