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self doubt

  1. R

    Stuck in a scripted world!!

    Roughly 2 weeks ago, I made a post on this forum about how I'd be recording my daily progress in there. I did that once, and it was all. I had no progress to write about, I was too lazy to learn anything new, about my business or anything else. I have tried meditation, working out, reading...
  2. Barracuda

    How do i overcome inertia in life, and make my first $1

    I've always been an ambitious person, but i never had the focus, nor the grit and perseverance to follow something through because i believe either the competition is too much, or it's too hard and what they pay is too low or i fall for the "shiny object syndrome", that is: i chase anything and...
  3. pat9000

    RANT Why do we love losers?

    I feel too many people are soft today. We accept failure almost as equally as a success. They try to make all the kids feel like winners and have no one feel the grief of loss. If you never taste defeat, how can you truly taste victory? I just wonder why we are accepting stuff like this and...
  4. NeatStranger

    How do you get past self doubt?

    Okay, so I'm not necessarily talking about self doubt, but more of business idea doubt. I'm sure that many of you have been there, but what can I do when I get to the point where I think my business idea is shit, and even if i finish it and it provides value to the world; it won't matter and...
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