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sales and marketing

  1. Sorrento

    Is this how you are supposed to sell on the internet?

    I recently realised I have a skill which probably only few people have, and Im trying to turn it into a course. In my school and now college, i was never and still am not a student who gets 99% in school/college but, I always compete with the top 10 in my class, i get around 70/80% . Whats the...
  2. Pretty Girl

    How to deal with the cracking/pirating of software and choosing target audience

    How to deal with the cracking/pirating of software? I'm making an engineering software which will be both useful in windows and macOS operating systems. And the target audience mostly will have like 70% windows and 30% macOS. But I'm not developing it for the windows first, even 70% market is...
  3. Alfonso.Chacon

    Trying to find some directions on how to grow our business

    Hi I'm an Electronics Engineer with a PhD in microelectronics (VLSI), that for the past 20 years has been mostly in academia in Costa Rica. In 2021, due to some alignment of the stars (cannot find a better explanation), my partners and I landed a business selling staff augmentation services to a...
  4. D

    What do people mean by learning sales?

    I always hear or read from successful entrepreneurs that beginners should learn sales. But I don't really get it, how do I learn sales if I still have nothing to sell and am in the process of learning a monetizable skill? Thanks.
  5. benjamin_orji

    Must I Have A Success Story To Sell?

    I don't know who I am, help me . I don't have any story to tell anyone. I'm 21, and I'm planning to go into business, but everybody I'm seeing is selling based on their personal story. "My life was like...then I created this product...and wham...problem solved". MJ even mentioned something...
  6. M

    What is cold email and what is the best template?

    I am new to B2B and wish to learn what is cold email marketing and what is the best template to reach the audience and generate high quality sales?
  7. G

    Looking for Salesforce Help or Implementations? Introducing Pong Solutions, a better Salesforce partner.

    Salesforce. A word nearly everyone hates. Long load times. Tons of fields to fill in. Too many steps to close a deal. Well, I am here to change that. I'm Ross, founder of Pong Solutions. We are a better Salesforce Consultancy.Pong is a different kind of Salesforce Partner. Our team has 15...
  8. K1 Lambo

    The most successful people are the most humble.

    I've been doing B2B lead gen for almost two years now. In the beginning, I remember all these sales gurus online were preaching to aim low and target the low hanging fruit type of clients. The truth is, the big players or the big fish in the marketplace ARE far more open to do business with...
  9. mikecarlooch

    How Do I Sell Without Selling

    I have an audience of about 30k on tiktok in the self-improvement niche, a youtube channel that is growing very nicely, and a solid instagram following of loyal followers. My question is - in MJ's book unscripted he recommended atleast 10,000 impressions or 1,000 clicks before calling it quits...
  10. Saad Khan


    Link to the first progress thread: A little info about me: At the time of writing, I'm a lazy teenager who turned 18 this month. The last year was full of learning experiences and gave me a reality check. I...
  11. F

    Where can I find clients for our E-Commerce Agency?

    Hello guys my name is Fiete and i live in Germany, in the near of Berlin. I am currently running an e-commerce agency with my business partner. We get a lot of recommendations and have a good customer network. But we don't just want to rely on our regular customers, now we want to invest more...
  12. Orionlab

    Skin in the game for Copywriter

    Hi Pals. I am Yakubu. I just started my career in Copywritting some 3months ago and I have literally been practicing without stop. Right now I want to really have some pratical experience of this, working on real project. I trying upwork, but it's quit hard breaking through as a beginner...
  13. bandyman

    how to negotiate stake for partnership where only one partner is a native English speaker

    I have a business development opportunity with a former student of mine which I would like advice on. This student, Tom, who is Chinese, is a very energetic and capable entrepreneur and in the 10 years since he completed his diploma has built one of the leading digital media consultancies to the...
  14. G

    Could YOU build a business with only one product??

    Hey all, I have a product that I've had for sale for the past year. The first 2 months I sold about a dozen of these for total sales of around $700. Not bad, but I have about $6,000 worth of inventory. Ever since then, I have not made a single sale. My primary sales channels were Amazon and...
  15. KushShah9492

    Ideas for a marketing business

    I have a 3-4 year experience in the field of marketing and sales, with additional skills involving closing a deal, lead generation, cold-calling, building a sales funnel, etc. Can I start a business in any of the given field? Any other ideas to start a business in the marketing field?
  16. Black_Dragon43

    How To Create A 100K-1M+ Sales Funnel

    While this is a marketplace post marking the re-launch of my popular course “5-Steps to Create a Money-Making Machine”, by the end of this post, whether you decide to join my course or not, I will give you a full education (that you can take action on) about what it takes to create a 6, 7 or...