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  1. Kapi

    OFF-TOPIC Alone or togheter?

    . H
  2. foodiepersecond

    OFF-TOPIC Dating a millionaire

    I was curious to how dating is as a millionaire. How do you approach someone? Do you look for another millionaire or someone who simply interests and attracts you? Do you hide your financial history or pour it out in the open? Can you tell who is gold digging or truly likes you? If you are...
  3. ygtrhos

    Auditing Friends' Circle

    Hey everyone, I guess this thread will address a very common problem of the fastlaners. Garyvee always says that auditing your friends' circle is the key. I can only confirm that. For the 8 years I have spent in Germany, there was this 2 years span where I really had an amazing flat with...
  4. TKDTyler

    The Value Add Challenge

    In the spirit of continual fastlane mentality development, the concept of providing value should permeate everything around you. Friendships, customers, jobs, business, you name it - there is value to be served on a platter. Interestingly enough, providing interpersonal value follows a similar...
  5. Esoteric Wealth

    HOT TOPIC I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    Hey everybody, so, as the title says, I left my girlfriend this past weekend, the longest relationship I've ever had, so I can focus 100% on my business, and fully experience my 20's (I'm 20). I met this girl when I was 17, I had recently gotten over another break up, was working out, dressed...
  6. Olimac21

    Using LinkedIn for product/service promotion

    I was wondering what is your experience using LinkedIn for finding new customers/ business development. I know this platform is more popular in some countries than another and I am curious to see success/failure cases around this one since is not as massive as Facebook or Instagram but pretty...
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