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  1. envykyro

    A guide to becoming "smart"

    Becoming smart is easy , and no im not about to tell you to eat blue berries because they are a “brain food”, drink black coffee , sleep more or exercise. “okay kyro , what kind of reading?” Non fiction books. Its the key to casually dropping interesting knowledge Find a problem / topic you...
  2. Domis

    Reading The ENTIRE MJ's Recommended 101 Book List

    I was watching PBD podcast yesterday and there was a challenge he put up: Read every well-rated Business, Finance, Human Relation and Psychology book you can find on Amazon. I kind of tweaked the challenge for myself and am going to do this: Read Every single book from @MJ DeMarco 101...
  3. J

    Mental Distractions: Why can't I focus while reading?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering why I keep having mental distractions while reading. I keep wandering off and thinking of something completely different when I want to focus on learning through books. This is mainly the reason why it took me 2 months to finish Unscripted. I would read a couple pages...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    Stop reading about swimming and jump in the damn pool!

    I've said this over and over here. At some point, you have to STOP reading about swimming, and just jump in the pool. I found this great tweet on Twitter that summarizes the importance of reading, but also on following up reading with a dive into the pool. In today's culture, ACCESS TO...
  5. mikecarlooch

    I Read 200 Books, Why Am I Not a Millionaire?

    I feel like I need to throw this commitment out there into the universe to make it seem more real. And anyone who wants to do this challenge with me, I'll call it the 1 for 10 challenge. From now on, reading = entertainment. If you're reading something and it is not going to help you solve...
  6. Supa

    What if we could make Reading a lot smoother?

    There are some things that pretty much all of us on here have in common. One of those is, that we all read a lot. Though of course there are more ways of learning something new, reading remains at the top with listening, watching and others. But for many, reading is quite an (mentally)...
  7. Nate_34

    Started my first LLC - From play-faking to taking action.

    I've spent the past year dreaming of a Fastlane and taking small steps towards making it happen. I read Millionaire Fastlane, then listened to MJ's other two books on Audible. I've spent the past 6 months listening to books on tape during my commute each day to work. It's been primarily a mix...
  8. kristianbrnada

    Like minded people in Munich GERMANY

    Hello! I'm new on the forum here and would like to know if there are some members from Munich GERMANY who would like to meet up in person, connect, talk and discuss about entrepreneurship, financial freedom, books and much more!? My name is Kristian, I am 21, athletic, studying Engineering &...
  9. B

    Time to start reading intensely

    MJ and other successful people really kicked my a$$ in terms of what I am willing to do to and need to do to be successful. I need to be honest with myself and understand that I have probably read less then 30 books in my life. And im 25. That is really scary :s. So I just ordered 10 topical...
  10. Ethan S

    Read and Retain Books Without Wanting to Poke Your Eyes Out - (Speed Reading + Mind Mapping Guide)

    First off I want to say thank you to @Dan_Cardone and @GoodluckChuck for inspiring me to write this thread. (Based on an original post I did in “Reading Habits, Suggestions?’ thread). Before I begin I also want to say that you might not be here because reading makes you want to poke your eyes...
  11. Olimac21

    Reading Habits, suggestions?

    So I was wondering what are your reading habits? In the past I absorbed as much information as possible from books, but now I am becoming selective and even want to have a restriction of maximum books I should read during the year, focusing on application of whatever I am reading and thinking...
  12. Z

    Why do you guys say that learning and books in general are useless? (STRAWMAN)

    Everywhere I look on this forum you people always make it seem like there is no reason to learn anything about business and just get started, but what if I don't know anything about business at all? and don't know the first thing about getting started, where to start, how to start and what to...
  13. BlackLynx

    The Ultimate Guide To Reading Non-Fiction Books

    Small Disclaimer - This entire post can also be found on my blog. But this forum is definitely the audience for it. SO ENJOY :) The Problem With Non-Fiction Books If you like reading non-fiction and especially business books and "self-help" books you will have noticed that these books are...
  14. Galaxy16


    The elite reader academy promises twice the learning with half the reading They claim to be vital to reading. Does anyone have experience with it?
  15. Alex Nolte

    What's your opinion on ?

    Just stumbled across and I'm curious whats your opinion on it? Has anyone tried it? Can it completely replace reading a book? Or do you think its only scratching on the surface?
  16. Niptuck MD

    Several must reads

    after talking to a few at the summit, i thought i would share to the forum some good reads for plane rides etc etc the following are short reads for strategy, salesmanship, and interpersonal relationship building/honing/mastering @RayAndré @ApeRunner (you know these already haha)
  17. M

    Books about finding business idea

    Hello fellow Fastlaners :) I'm looking for a viable business idea and that's one of the things I fail at. I cannot find an idea that would satisfy all CENTS/CENTS commandments. Naturally, I'd like to find it and have a better understanding of a market research, because, at any point in time, I...
  18. Greg R

    You're Reading The Wrong Books!

    Many people have said in this forum, the number of books that you read does not directly correlate with income or success... Just as there are successful people who read books, there are plenty of successful people who have never picked up a single self-help or business book. Maybe if I read...
  19. crankshaft

    Attention**Fastlane-ers! Here is my appli....

    Anybody looking for some dependable help? Need boots on the ground in China perhaps? Well ever since my research for ecommerce material, and stumbling across this forum, I have been made aware through reading countless threads front and back that there are many ecommerce giants that frequent...
  20. O

    Should I study, or just do?

    I'm sure everyone has seen the common piece of business advice "Just take action!" I think this a good piece of advice because many people don't, event after they've been exposed to something they think can lead them to their goals. However, I also think that reading and analyzing things is...