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pricing strategy

  1. mell0w

    Is my product too expensive?

    Hello forum, i run a website where i sell products to twitch & youtube livestreamers. For anyone interested, i sell gameshow overlays which you can include as a browsersource into your streaming software for example OBS or streamlabs. With these overlays you can host your own...
  2. MartijnS

    How to introduce lower pricing for a recurring service

    Hey all, Apologies if this is not the correct forum, but I was looking or advice on pricing strategy and how it relates to existing customers, so I assumed that falls under Marketing questions. We have a software-as-a-service product, with both monthly and annual recurring subscriptions...
  3. Devampre

    Performance Based Pricing Offers Good or Bad?

    What are your thoughts on performance based pricing? I'm reiterating my one line offer for my ads and taglines and I've come to see these types of offers look a little something like this: I will X in Y or Z. X = the result I will deliver Y = the amount of time it'll take Z= the guarantee...
  4. biophase

    Sometimes a BOGO is better than a discount

    Sometimes when we decide to do a sale, we think of a sale like 25% off everything. Sometimes we do a Buy one get one free. You might think that a BOGO would make you less money than a 25% off. But until you run some quick numbers your never know. For example, imagine you have something that...
  5. Flint

    How to price your product

    In other thread, @Lyinx asked about pricing. This made me think about the topic and remained me of an interesting video (and actually a book). It's packed with insights and tested techniques to tackle the hot questions: How do you know you will monetise? and How to price your product? The talk...
  6. RealDreams

    About Pricing Strategy

    How do you go about pricing your products or services? In Microeconomics I've been taught the general supply/demand law and how pricing lower than your competitors increases the demand for your products. But I guess this is only true for commodities and not differentiable products & services...
  7. C

    How do you price your software?

    Hi, first time poster from Croatia here :) I'm a programmer who wants to become an entrepreneur and here is where I'm at right now. Last year, my college friend and I took part in a competition in creating apps for businesses. Our job was to help a small manufacturer of remote-controlled ships...
  8. Lex DeVille

    Disruptive & Innovative Pricing Models Master Thread

    PRICING MODELS MASTER THREAD I searched for a list like this the other day. Google returned a scattered mix of results. Didn't find one here either. So I thought it might be useful to list different pricing models into a single place. Please Note: There are other threads for pricing strategy...