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  1. nickR8

    EXECUTION $3K MRR in 30 Days Challenge —23 y/o, built 6-fig biz last year [VIDEO]

    Hey! I thought I'd post me documenting my $3K MRR in 30 Days Challenge for you to follow along :) A little about myself: I've been dabbling in business since dropping out of college almost 3 years ago. But I only started "hitting my stride" last year when I went from making next to nothing...
  2. zhack

    WEB/DIGITAL Bunch of Ideas But Don't Know How To Realize Them

    Hey everyone! First of all, I wanna say that this forum is such a relief for people like me (and of course, the TMF book) and I'm grateful to read a lot of good stuff and I shall try to contribute as much as I can. I also want to ask something, and I hope I won't be breaking any of the...
  3. Chimp

    How to become well rounded in building an online presence?

    I've started building websites with the purpose of helping other businesses acquire more customers a month/more monthly revenue but am not sure how to achieve that exactly outside of the website itself. How do I become well rounded in the tasks that building an online business presence requires...
  4. OnePunchMan

    HOT! Can you help give advice for a selfish guy like me ?

    Hi all, I've just read TMF book few month ago. Thanks MJ for your great book ! After finish reading, I think the main thing I need to overcome is I have no passion about helping anyone as MJ asks us to have it (I think I'm a self-centric guy since I was born :playful: ) but I have only one...
  5. mindfulimmortal

    Amazon and Walmart Price War Provides Some Small Business Lessons

    An interesting article about the price war Amazon and Walmart are in and how they are pushing their suppliers to cut their wholesale prices by 15%. A few takeaways that have some small business value: Walmart wants...
  6. G

    INTRO Future Website Fastlaner

    Hi to all, Just joined the forum. Me and a business partner are currently starting a business which will focus on the online world (something with Search Engines ). We would really like to get familiar with some cases that lead to succes. We are both young adults who are highly motivated to...
  7. andreaguzzonato

    EXECUTION My First Online Company!

    Hi Fastlaners! =================================================== Introduction: I'm Andrea, 20 y/o from Italy. I have a 9to5 (actually 8.30 to 6) job that basically steals me the whole day. In the evening I hit the gym and then read / study / meet with friends. Introduction 2: I feel like a...
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