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  1. jakezombie1

    INTRO introduction

    hello I'm Abdurahman Kareem but I use jakezombie everywhere online because my name is hard to pronounce for most people. I was born in Saudi Arabia but the nationality is Afghanistan. currently in Afghanistan due to recent mass deporting of the foreigner residents in Saudi Arabia. I studied...
  2. R

    INTRO New member

    Good day to everyone, I have been through a ton of places to get here. I started with a passion for history at a young, and invested my time away from typical middle school and high school from education so I barely pass into understanding how the world fundamentally works. This is through...
  3. Websterjrg

    INTRO New

    Hi my name is Jerry and I am from Northern Kentucky. I am currently reading the Fastlane and then will move onto unscripted. I love the book so far and it is so different than all of the finance or business books I have read. I currently have most of my money in an index fund through Vanguard...
  4. DaGreatSchlemiel

    INTRO Greetings and salutations.

    Guten tag everyone. Joined the other day after stumbling across the site during a search about Subway restaurants. I'm just starting my entrepreneurial journey (albeit a bit late in life at 50), hoping to get sound advice and ideas on what to, and how to pursue a sustainable and profitable...
  5. Steven James

    INTRO Steven James Peterson with Agave Sun International Import Company

    Greetings everyone! Super stoked to be here. Fast Lane and Unscripted are core to my business life now. I am the founder of Agave Sun International Import Company and I am the sole importer of Huizache Tequila for the United States market. I also do digital marketing and more for Huizache...
  6. pbellot

    INTRO My introduction

    Hello everyone, My name is Patrick Bellot, 39yo husband/father of 2. I started my journey in the Fastlane, 3 years ago. I started to learn about computers and programming. It's a far cry from my current dismal career choice. I started learning iOS/Swift to build mobile apps. 2017, I pivoted a...
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