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music production

  1. Reynel Rivera

    Can pursuing being a Music Artist be a Fastlane option?

    Hello, My name is Rey, I’m 21 years young and I’m a Music Artist who knows I have potential in the market nowadays. As I read the “The Millionaire Fastlane” I begin to question if being a music artist fall into the fast lane category? If so, I’d really appreciate a reply and if not I’d also...
  2. C

    Electronic Music Producer Starting Freelance Work as Side Gig - Any Handy Forum Threads & Thoughts Would Be Great!

    Hello! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read the title of my post (let alone this section...) I used to be a member on here a while back for around three years, happy to be active again. So, after honing my craft of making music via the computer for the last ten years (yes, its...
  3. Subsonic

    I wrote a Song about Fl entrepreneurship (with help from our favorite AI)

    So I hope this doesn't count as self promo. Well it's just a audio files so I don't gain anything from promoting it. Some time ago I posted in general chat about a song chatgtp wrote. It was a power metal song about fastlane entrepreneurship. It was bad and soulless but it was funny. Later...
  4. C

    Is making lofi beats a good CENT?

    First time posting here so excuse me for asking nooby questions. Im some chapters away from finishing The Millionaire Fastlane but im already trying to look for ideas that work. Anyone know anything about lofi beats? Can you make a good amount of money with it? It's something I always listen to...
  5. JonnySel007

    Never give up, no matter what happens.

    Ever wondered what it is like to have a mild form of Autism, and doing whatever it possibly took to pursue and achieve your dreams, regardless? Well, you're about to read how despite my early diagnosis of High-functioning Autism (a mild case), I managed and am continuing to do whatever I need...
  6. G

    UnrealCreative's Dank Tune Treasure Trove

    Every once in a while, I'll need to scratch a creative itch and write a song to blow off steam while building the business. Not too serious about it right now since things are so busy, but this 4th of July I ended up indulging in this old passion, writing a quick EDM track as a tribute to an old...
  7. J

    Starting my new life:

    Hello, My name's Ionut (spelled with an "i" ), or you can call me John (which means the same thing, but in English). Atlas is my cal-sign which I chose because of the success vibe it infuses each time I hear it. I want to circle the globe and experience everything it has to offer. (mainly in...