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  1. JonnySel007

    INTRO Never give up, no matter what happens.

    Ever wondered what it is like to have a mild form of Autism, and doing whatever it possibly took to pursue and achieve your dreams, regardless? Well, you're about to read how despite my early diagnosis of High-functioning Autism (a mild case), I managed and am continuing to do whatever I need...
  2. Mike Partee

    OFF-TOPIC UnrealCreative's Dank Tune Treasure Trove

    Every once in a while, I'll need to scratch a creative itch and write a song to blow off steam while building the business. Not too serious about it right now since things are so busy, but this 4th of July I ended up indulging in this old passion, writing a quick EDM track as a tribute to an old...
  3. J

    INTRO Starting my new life:

    Hello, My name's Ionut (spelled with an "i" ), or you can call me John (which means the same thing, but in English). Atlas is my cal-sign which I chose because of the success vibe it infuses each time I hear it. I want to circle the globe and experience everything it has to offer. (mainly in...
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