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  1. M

    The great rat-race escape book!

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me since when the book will be available in Italian? Thank you @MJ DeMarco
  2. Chilolo

    Is YouTube Fastlane Strategy ? [Part2]-CHANNEL vs BUSINESS.

    Is YouTube Fastlane Strategy ? [Part2]-CHANNEL vs BUSINESS. Previously(is YouTube a Fastlane Strategy?) I stated that YouTube is not a fastlane strategy. Because you lack control and most of you agreed but nevertheless. Most of you in addition stated that it’s the way you use the platforms...
  3. N

    Wake Up Call event, guest: M.J De Marco

    Hello everyone, i'm a new member of the fastlane forum, i hope i'm welcomed here! After i read The Millionaire Fastlane i've though about joining this community but let's get to the point. Recently i read about this event "Wake Up Call" and it got my attention, after reading at one point i found...
  4. akshay014

    Slowlane is the part of Journey

    ✌ Hello everyone, My name is Akshay Mahajan and I am from India. I am a student and Web Designer & Developer. After reading The Millionaire Fastlane I know the better way. Even After understanding the process and event, I make a Schedule for self-improvement and it helps me to get placed in a...
  5. M

    The Value of Freedom is more valuable than all forms of currency combined.

    Hi all. My name is Matt and I'm the founder of H2Aerotech (doesn't really mean anything yet but I know someday that brand will provide enough value to be sold). I took a different path to MJ Demarco's books than I feel maybe most but I could be wrong. I'm relatively successful in the "Scripted"...
  6. 10Fold

    MJ, Would You Consider An Online Book Signing For Your New Novel?

    < Like this post if you think MJ should /> Hi MJ (if I am lucky enough), I am wondering whether you would consider an online book signing live. There's a streaming service that specializes in live book signings, and also youtube. Authors can talk and answer questions from viewers. Signed books...
  7. Mhesh


    Thank you for the book I have successfully removed the Lamborghini from the garage and it’s moving. I launched my consulting company today and I realized theirs people out there who need help. People are out there they just run into business and have no idea where to go? And they give up and...
  8. Dmusic

    New Here

    Hey, My name is David, 20 years young from West Virginia, just joined the forum, I've been on my unscripted journey for almost a year now, I'm here to learn new things, and meet like-minded individuals here. MJ's books are amazingly put together and couldn't ask for anything better!
  9. mattn

    Quitting my corporate 9 to 5 at age 23. I have a long way to go, but never been more excited

    Hey all, I’m a 23-year-old from a small town in MN. I read TMF about 3-4 years ago, and then unscripted not too much later. I’m currently working a stereotypical job as a software developer at a big insurance company—jeans on Friday, an ocean of cubicles, the annoying phone receptionist...
  10. Aishwarya

    Fastlane business and a job together?

    Hi Everyone, MJ, I read your books, they are awesome.. I will be finishing my engineering this summer and will be looking for a job. I want to do a job to gain some experience, it is essential. But I am also very much interested to start my own app, because I also have some good ideas and...
  11. A

    M.J Demarco on Time

    I have been designing and posting quotations on my Instagram page @yinkataiwo_k. Today is the last quotations about time. And I have to include my mentor's quote about time. MJ Demarco, sorry I stole your picture from Google. Please if you are reading this please like this post on my IG page...
  12. BadxNerd

    I have read both books

    Congratulations to myself that I have read both books. It took me around 10 days constantly. But I know it is half way of my journey, and the rest half is when I starting solving problems in better way. Thanks MJ who motivate me and open my eyes. Lot of respect and love to all my fellow...
  13. Dputnam

    More bang for the buck

    Good Afternoon, Thought I would introduce myself to the forum and tell ya’ll what I’ve been working on to a extent and you can follow along with me as I continue to grow and develop my business. First off I’m a journeyman lineman with a local utility similar to Southern company (IOU); I seen a...
  14. B

    Do what you love - in recovery

    Hey everyone, I am almost finished with the Millionaire Fastlane. This book was a huge eye opener for me. I saw through the slow lane or thought I did when I quit working in the corporate world as an IT administrator to "do what I love". I lived as a broke professional musician for awhile. I...
  15. Aish

    The dragon has to come out of the dungeon

    Hello @MJ DeMarco and Fastlaners, My name is Aishwarya (Nicknamed Aish), I am an engineering student in Germany. I would like to share who am I in brief. I was born and raised in India to a divorced mom (which is quite hard especially in India), adopted by my maternal grandparents and lived...
  16. E

    A Little Question

    Hello. My name is Emmanuel. I'm 19 years old and I'm a nobody, yet. I know, I sound like an over-confidence kid, but fyi I have enormous reasons why I'm forced to go Fastlane. Reasons that are very subjective like being forced to be SCRIPTED by my parents and then forcing me to pay a part of my...
  17. D

    SEO Business Model

    Hello everybody, I would like to ask for your opinion and advice and also to Mr.J Demarco. Passionate about SEO, I am looking for a business model where I could create content, create traffic and monetize it to make interesting profits (100% passive income) with 100% free traffic through SEO...
  18. Igormartins

    Amazon FBA - Violation of the Commandment of Control

    Hey, everyone! My name is Igor, I am 17 years old and come from São Paulo, Brazil. I have been reading The Millionaire Fastlane (I am on chapter 31 now). As I was reading chapter 30 (The Commandment of Control), I realised that the business I was interested in pursuing (Amazon FBA), I...
  19. justindircksen

    Fact: I’m 40 years old...

    If I’m going join this forum, I might as well dive in. Yes, I’m 40, never married, no kids and just bought my very 1st IPad and Laptop this year. No, I’m not kidding. I’ve been an employee my whole life and I’m over it. I’m not sure when I figured it out, but I know for certain that a job is...
  20. P

    This feels like a complete new world to be among folks sharing and discussing same thoughts and emotions around me.

    Most of you guys out here seem much older than me but I feel lucky to get my hands on two of the most inspiring and eye-opening books on entrepreneurship topic at such an early age. I look forward to a great time learning from countless great folks and connecting with visionary minds. Let's get...