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  1. M

    INTRO Hello

    Hello I'm Myles Mtegha from Malawi - Africa. Have just finished the millionaire fast lane and realised I'm currently a slowlaner. Have already started my escape plan. Looking forward to the journey
  2. tpsreports99

    INTRO Better late than never...

    Hi. I recently listened TMF and Unscripted, mostly while at work and during my commute. I am now re-listening to both books again to keep me in the right mindset and let the concepts sink in. These two books have me hooked on audiobooks. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was watching a Youtube...
  3. C

    INTRO Great to be here. I love being part of a community of people that want to become wealthier

    Hello, My name is Chika. I am from Nigeria, I work in Sales with an FMCG company. I've done this for 6 years. I had always wanted to go into business and I did but never really been successful the way I wanted it. I think this maybe part of the learning process. Cut a long story short I did an...
  4. Danny reds

    Office lease

    I would like some feedback from my friends on the forum. My Business is doing good and was able to move the business from out of my house to a office space that i'm now growing out of. The new office space i'm looking at is just a little over a fair price i think. What is usually negotiable...
  5. Tommo

    The New Forum Format

    Can I just say I think the adjustments to the forum are excellent and at the same time I also see more engagement. Anybody else see or sense this? Does this make you feel happier Boss? I love this community. How much has it grown recently moderators?
  6. rebel dude

    Conforming the script and the seeders.

    hello, fasteners I just want to talk about the incident that happened to me yesterday. it went something like this. our school has arranged a career guidance programme for the commerce batch. a former student of our school was the speaker( a grown man with a badly maintained beard). first, he...
  7. JPDeCarvalho

    INTRO A Message From The Ghetto

    Hello everyone ! I'm gonna introduce myself. I'm a brazilian guy from a favela in Rio De Janeiro. I'm 18 y old. To live in a third / second world country is harder than you think. But this isn't an excuse , of course! So here I am . My reasons are kinda obvious. I'm tired of living in poverty...
  8. Impactvideogamer

    INTRO Virgin Forum User

    Hello, Everyone, My name is Brendan I'm 29 and I live in Melbourne Australia. I was born in New Zealand and moved to Aus about 10 years ago in search of greener pastures. I doubled my wages as soon as I made the move (600 to 1200), It was a shock to the system, and I can relate to MJ theory on...
  9. Bonno

    INTRO Light at the end of the tunnel

    MJ Demarco, thank you for sharing tour wisdom and being a straight shooter! I recently red MF and it was an eye opening... after so many frogs, I finally found a princess! I am from Saskatchewan Canada, 29 yrs old, moved from Europe five yrs ago. Other than being involved in some network...
  10. S

    EXECUTION Update on my fastlane progress (the next step, execution)

    Hello, Many of you will know me by now. If not, here's a quick run down. I'm 20-years-old, still live with my parents (thinking about moving out), and I am working on my YouTube Channel and a website service I created for competitive FIFA players (one that fills a need in the market). My...
  11. S

    New Website Traffic Tips

    Hey guys, So I recently had an amazing idea for a website service that involves FIFA! And I created the site within a week, and it has an attractive, easy-to-use design, and it fills a void/need in the market. For reference, my site is ! So far, to market my website and drive...
  12. rwiman

    MEETUPS Is it possible to get a signed copy of UNSCRIPTED (and possibly TMF, too)?

    I'm traveling with my girlfriend through California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada by car (lying in a motel in Santa Cruz, right now). I'm probably going to visit Phoenix :) Now, @MJ DeMarco is it possible by any chance to meet up in Scottsdale, or anywhere you'd like, to sign copies of your books...

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