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  1. Aishwarya

    Fastlane business and a job together?

    Hi Everyone, MJ, I read your books, they are awesome.. I will be finishing my engineering this summer and will be looking for a job. I want to do a job to gain some experience, it is essential. But I am also very much interested to start my own app, because I also have some good ideas and...
  2. BadxNerd

    I have read both books

    Congratulations to myself that I have read both books. It took me around 10 days constantly. But I know it is half way of my journey, and the rest half is when I starting solving problems in better way. Thanks MJ who motivate me and open my eyes. Lot of respect and love to all my fellow...
  3. Dputnam

    INTRO More bang for the buck

    Good Afternoon, Thought I would introduce myself to the forum and tell ya’ll what I’ve been working on to a extent and you can follow along with me as I continue to grow and develop my business. First off I’m a journeyman lineman with a local utility similar to Southern company (IOU); I seen a...
  4. B

    INTRO Do what you love - in recovery

    Hey everyone, I am almost finished with the Millionaire Fastlane. This book was a huge eye opener for me. I saw through the slow lane or thought I did when I quit working in the corporate world as an IT administrator to "do what I love". I lived as a broke professional musician for awhile. I...
  5. Aish

    INTRO The dragon has to come out of the dungeon

    Hello @MJ DeMarco and Fastlaners, My name is Aishwarya (Nicknamed Aish), I am an engineering student in Germany. I would like to share who am I in brief. I was born and raised in India to a divorced mom (which is quite hard especially in India), adopted by my maternal grandparents and lived...
  6. E

    INTRO A Little Question

    Hello. My name is Emmanuel. I'm 19 years old and I'm a nobody, yet. I know, I sound like an over-confidence kid, but fyi I have enormous reasons why I'm forced to go Fastlane. Reasons that are very subjective like being forced to be SCRIPTED by my parents and then forcing me to pay a part of my...
  7. D

    SEO Business Model

    Hello everybody, I would like to ask for your opinion and advice and also to Mr.J Demarco. Passionate about SEO, I am looking for a business model where I could create content, create traffic and monetize it to make interesting profits (100% passive income) with 100% free traffic through SEO...
  8. P

    INTRO This feels like a complete new world to be among folks sharing and discussing same thoughts and emotions around me.

    Most of you guys out here seem much older than me but I feel lucky to get my hands on two of the most inspiring and eye-opening books on entrepreneurship topic at such an early age. I look forward to a great time learning from countless great folks and connecting with visionary minds. Let's get...
  9. D

    @MjDeMarco Do you plan to write a book on investing?

    @MjDeMarco I have finished "Unscripted" and loved the investing portion. Will you be writing a book on investing and your methods? Who influenced you or what books did you use to influence your methodologies?
  10. Mritunjay


    Sir, as you have mentioned in your book UNSCRIPTED about cancer analogy, i give a week thinking about my cancerous problem and i found one that is hurting me, not only me but everyone in my nation( i have studied marketmind!!) so i work on that Problem by putting my heart and soul but soon i...
  11. M

    INTRO Hello

    Hello I'm Myles Mtegha from Malawi - Africa. Have just finished the millionaire fast lane and realised I'm currently a slowlaner. Have already started my escape plan. Looking forward to the journey
  12. tpsreports99

    INTRO Better late than never...

    Hi. I recently listened TMF and Unscripted, mostly while at work and during my commute. I am now re-listening to both books again to keep me in the right mindset and let the concepts sink in. These two books have me hooked on audiobooks. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was watching a Youtube...
  13. C

    INTRO Great to be here. I love being part of a community of people that want to become wealthier

    Hello, My name is Chika. I am from Nigeria, I work in Sales with an FMCG company. I've done this for 6 years. I had always wanted to go into business and I did but never really been successful the way I wanted it. I think this maybe part of the learning process. Cut a long story short I did an...
  14. Danny reds

    Office lease

    I would like some feedback from my friends on the forum. My Business is doing good and was able to move the business from out of my house to a office space that i'm now growing out of. The new office space i'm looking at is just a little over a fair price i think. What is usually negotiable...
  15. Tommo

    The New Forum Format

    Can I just say I think the adjustments to the forum are excellent and at the same time I also see more engagement. Anybody else see or sense this? Does this make you feel happier Boss? I love this community. How much has it grown recently moderators?
  16. rebel dude

    Conforming the script and the seeders.

    hello, fasteners I just want to talk about the incident that happened to me yesterday. it went something like this. our school has arranged a career guidance programme for the commerce batch. a former student of our school was the speaker( a grown man with a badly maintained beard). first, he...
  17. JPDeCarvalho

    INTRO A Message From The Ghetto

    Hello everyone ! I'm gonna introduce myself. I'm a brazilian guy from a favela in Rio De Janeiro. I'm 18 y old. To live in a third / second world country is harder than you think. But this isn't an excuse , of course! So here I am . My reasons are kinda obvious. I'm tired of living in poverty...
  18. Impactvideogamer

    INTRO Virgin Forum User

    Hello, Everyone, My name is Brendan I'm 29 and I live in Melbourne Australia. I was born in New Zealand and moved to Aus about 10 years ago in search of greener pastures. I doubled my wages as soon as I made the move (600 to 1200), It was a shock to the system, and I can relate to MJ theory on...
  19. Bonno

    INTRO Light at the end of the tunnel

    MJ Demarco, thank you for sharing tour wisdom and being a straight shooter! I recently red MF and it was an eye opening... after so many frogs, I finally found a princess! I am from Saskatchewan Canada, 29 yrs old, moved from Europe five yrs ago. Other than being involved in some network...
  20. S

    EXECUTION Update on my fastlane progress (the next step, execution)

    Hello, Many of you will know me by now. If not, here's a quick run down. I'm 20-years-old, still live with my parents (thinking about moving out), and I am working on my YouTube Channel and a website service I created for competitive FIFA players (one that fills a need in the market). My...

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