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meaning and purpose

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  1. Chandler Ruffini

    INTRO From half pushing off the sidewalk and half pedaling through the slowlane...

    Hey there fellow fastlaners, My name is Chandler Ruffini, I'm brand new here and every bit of excited to join you all and to start by telling you a little bit of who I am and my story. I come from a pretty good home, while not “foundationally” sound my parents are still together and gave me...
  2. Royce2

    INTRO 25 year old with a Wife and 2 kids

    Hello everyone. My name is Sergey K and I want to start off this post by saying I made it and life is better than ever. However, no I’m not rich or in the Fastlane. I am off work due to torn ACL on both knees awaiting surgery on my left knee. But why I say that I made it is because I have the...
  3. papi016

    What if I don't have a have a meaning and purpose?

    I know in the book Unscripted MJ talks about why its important to have a meaning-and-purpose: While rewritten 3Bs inspire starting, your meaning-and-purpose and its motivation cycle inspire finishing. I also know without meaning I will give up too early, fail to finish and give up three feet...

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