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market analysis

  1. martyloic1@gmail

    From aspiration to reality: What steps for successful market research for my online platform?

    Hello I want to create an online service platform. I need to conduct some market research but I really don't know where to start. No matter how much I inquire, I don't understand how to do it and I do it on a wall. I think my company could bring in a 5-figure salary on autopilot. But I need to...
  2. Pretty Girl

    How to deal with the cracking/pirating of software and choosing target audience

    How to deal with the cracking/pirating of software? I'm making an engineering software which will be both useful in windows and macOS operating systems. And the target audience mostly will have like 70% windows and 30% macOS. But I'm not developing it for the windows first, even 70% market is...
  3. miguelst

    Initial market research plan for a SaaS tool, would you add anything?

    I have a SaaS idea that I want to validate, before starting to build anything (which is difficult as a developer, it's always itching to get going! But not this time, I want really thorough market research). These are the ideas I got. Initial research Create a list of questions, question about...
  4. Q

    Is the market growing or declining?

    Hi, for example, the newspaper market is declining, but (just for example) there are more and more newspapers opening and my business would be only interested in the newspaper firms. Would then the market, in which the business would like to sell, decline? Or generalized: Is the interested...
  5. ahmedddd

    Creating a market need.

    Hello there fellow entrepeuners. I have a question. Im 16 and live in Iraq. I think of opening a car wrapping painting and overall modification business. But, it seems like theres nobody in my town that does this. And Im not sure if its something the people need, or if im offering any value. So...
  6. circleme

    Considering an (emotional) product for a fastlane business that has high demand but doesn't solve a real problem?

    How would you rate a product that does not solve a clear problem, but is much more in the direction of "nice to have" and "emotion-triggering"? I'm talking about things like art. Here a need is satisfied, but no real problem is solved - maybe only I see it that way and overlook the problem. The...
  7. BlackLands

    How to choose where advertise a MVP

    Hi guys, I've finished to build my landing page for my SaaS platform that I didn't have developed yet since I'm testing the idea. In the landing page there is a CTA to convince users to leave their emails. My goal is to gather as much emails as possible. I was wondering how will you choose the...
  8. Aidan04

    Having Major Self Doubt About Viability

    If you don't know my story so far, you can read my progress thread here. Anyway, I have been feeling a bit down, but I'm trying to push through it. One major concern I have is the viability of this product I am creating. Even if I put all of this effort into it, will people actually buy? I...
  9. madlife

    Market research for a product that doesnt exist? (yet)

    How to determine the price for a product that you will introduce to the market? How to even know if people would buy it, if there's nothing else like it? It's relatively niche, but I think enough people know about the overarching subject to be intrigued. I think it's one of those things where I...
  10. Z

    Please evaluate the creativity of a mobile app

    I'm working on a mobile app, counting the scores of various categories of apps, and displaying them on the interface according to categories and popularity. Only the top five apps in each category are displayed on the interface, with a brief introduction attached, so that users can intuitively...
  11. S

    Investing on high customer-satisfaction companies

    Recently we got a link from our company CEO from a survey regarding customer satisfaction in our market for COVID. It listed companies that had exceeded expectations in customer satisfaction during this time period, listing also customer-satisfaction before coronavirus. Since our company is...