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  1. S

    I'm kinda done with the forum

    I'm done with the fastlane forum. I wanted to use the forum to change people's lives but some people were too stupid to see it. Even MJ himself, oh God!!! I wanted to destroy MJ and the forum with my god status but my mother advised me against it. I respect my mother more than anyone else, so...
  2. OkLetsGo

    Best Laptop for Enterpreneurs?

    Hello guys, I think we were all at that point where our current working device got old and slow, and so we made the decision to get a new one. This can be a big step for some people who don't have much money since they'll probably be working with that device for the next few years. I made this...
  3. amcg88

    My Self-Storage Investment Journey - Follow Along!

    Hello, I'm Alex, and I've decided to document my self-storage facility investing journey. I have years of experience from the land investing space and am now looking to transition into purchasing self-storage facilities. Through this progress thread, I'll be sharing my experiences, challenges...
  4. Rabby

    Should the "scroll to top" button use elevator.js?

    I'm volunteering this one to go straight to landfill. But at the same time, I can't help it. I keep hitting that "scroll to top" button and thinking, "there's a github repo that solves this problem better than any other..." Well here it is: Elevator.js (not mine, just a favorite silly project)...
  5. Galaxy16

    How to note ideas during date?

    One should pay attention to the partner during a date. But what if one needs to write down an idea before forgetting it?
  6. Galaxy16

    Let landfillers rot by themselves.

    Hello. I am posting this into the landfill as suggestion: Some people referred me to a user called @TamishaTheAngel. I have not witnessed her, but after a bit of research, I found out that she was apparently the idol of the annoying, second-hand-embarassment forum users. [Disclaimer: This...
  7. Scot

    How to report shady posts

    You too, can be a Mod! Well, kinda... See posts that you think should be #landfill or find a spam post before an Admin gets to it? Here’s how to help police the forum. I know we like to tag MJ, Vig or one of the other mods, but think about how busy their notification feed is, there’s a good...
  8. Damian Pros

    1,000,000 Followers On Social Media: How I Am Doing It & How You Can Too

    INC magazine called me a "Social Media Rockstar" for a reason. I know social media as good as the palm of my hand. In one of my business ventures, I own Facebook and Instagram pages with a total following in the millions and have access to a network of tens of millions of followers across...
  9. A

    Can you get me large quantities of these things?

    We got some international trading company, and large juice producer in Europe want to buy from us big quantities of oranges and bananas. I think about 10 conteiners / mo at the beginning. We know that the best and cheapest oranges are from Brasil and bananas from Africa. Also we need about 20...