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  1. Gutski

    INTRO Dad of 3 kids

    Hi fellas, I‘m a hard working Swiss dad trying to reorientate. I have a so called good job as head of controlling services but lately realized that I am trapped in the rat race. If I don’t change I will never be rich and never able to persue my passion. I wanna change „lane“ but I am a bit...
  2. Lex DeVille

    HOT TOPIC Do You Work Your a$$ Off So Your Kids Don't Have To Struggle???

    A video hit my FB feed this morning (no politics). Guy was ranting why Trump won and how the working class doesn't care about political games. How they only care about family and how they work their a$$ off so their kids don't have to struggle. So I was wondering how ya'll (who have kids or are...
  3. tonyf7

    How do I raise Unscripted/Fastlane kids?

    Just picked up @MJ DeMarco book Unscripted and it's making me think...hard, about my kids. I have two girls, 13 and 8, who are being institutionalized just like most of us were growing up. School teaches them to be obedient and to conform. Although they both do great in school, I'm worried that...

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