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  1. V

    HOT TOPIC Entrepreneur/Inventor Needs Help, Stationary Product

    I have a product I invented and received a patent. This product answers the problem of 850 million brochures being distributed in the U.S every year and nothing to hold or organize them with. I invented the Brochure &business card organizer, however I have no marketing skills and as M.J pointed...
  2. Leizer

    INTRO Still in the process...

    Hello everyone, I was actually referred by @Eskil and he encouraged me to join this forum. As i'm in the middle of reading the TMF I see I'm in the right place so thank you to @MJ DeMarco for having this forum I'm a 34 year old originally from Italy, and live in phoenix Arizona. Since i...
  3. LeoistheSun

    Car Mechanic invents birthing device to ease birthing process

    Strait from NPR: The Car mechanic who invented a device to ease the birthing process. Proves you dont need to be in the same industry to invent something useful in that industry. Definitely an interesting article! Thoughts?
  4. NateKruse

    INTRO Engineer Working to Escape the Mediocracy Through Entrepreneurship

    Hello! I’m new to the Fastlane Forum community and would like to introduce myself. I’m currently working for the federal government as an aerospace engineer, and am looking to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. I graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2015 with a B.S. in aeronautical...

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