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  1. Implacabilis

    Idea to fully working prototype? Specialised Design Companies vs Manufacturers Directly???

    Hey folks! Like every entrepreneur on the planet, I have a design concept I would like to prototype or potentially put into full production. The concept is a design variation of a specialised sports bag offering a better user experience and more functionality. I knew this was going to be an...
  2. No Fluff

    Made 4000 dollars Dropshipping on eBay what is the next step?

    So I have made about 4 k dropshipping on eBay which I will be quitting soon. And I have been thinking latly on going back to my regular work (45 min with the bus to work)...Which is very stressful and suicidal thoughts are going to be coming.. Since it's soon Christmas and I know for a fact...
  3. K

    Is Patent Creation Still Applicable Today?

    Hello Folks. Do you think that Patent business still feasible today? And, can it be an Ideal fastlane business? Karume.
  4. LynetteP

    INTRO Starting over- Want to merge Traction, Fastlane, and One Simple Idea

    Hi All! I'm thrilled to have found this forum and fans of the Fast Lane mentality. My entire life, people told me I "thought too big." About 5 years ago, I gave away most of the farm to get out of a marriage to my biggest naysayer. Until last August, I was trying to go about things the...
  5. AlessioLC

    HOT TOPIC Can i copy an idea that will be on Kickstarter but not yet on the market ?

    Hi everyone, As the title is telling, i saw a guy developping a new product for the fitness industry, that no one as thought about before, but that product is not yet on kickstarter or any website, he just has done promotionnal videos of it. What i'm asking you is, as the product is not out...
  6. MB2

    Innovating an electronic product.

    Hi all, Innovating and inventing has two different definition though both go in the same road.Inventing is creating something new whereas innovating is, reinventing the wheel. Epitoms are GoPro founded by Nick Woodman Spanx founded by Sara Blakely (not electronic) Pebble founded by Eric...
  7. MitchM

    I have two different products that I would like to put on the market. Where to go from here?

    Okay, so I have two ideas which are both basically alternative and improved forms of products that are already on the market. What I am wondering is how different does the product need to be to patent it (and in what circumstance I should) and whether or not branding/going to a retailer will be...

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