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  1. eagleye101

    [Philosophical question] If money wasn't an issue, what would you do to improve your everyday life?

    Hello Everyone, I'm writing this in the mindset section because I believe this has a lot to do with identity (from the perspective of the identity that MJ talks in the book Unscripted). I recently made some profit from entrepreneur activity and I decided to invest it in tools that would make...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    NOTABLE! Beware! Growth-Killing Identity Labels...

    I've been trying to mentor a young man in the last year (lets call him "G"), and in doing so, it has provided me with a keen insight into just how "f*cked up* our media, educational, and entertainment complex has brainwashed our youth into accepting mediocrity as state of normalcy. G is...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    *UNSCRIPTED* Identity Hacking: How to Kill Your Status Quo

    Do you want to change your current situation? Then change your identity to a GROWTH IDENTITY from a STATUS QUO IDENTITY. A STATUS QUO IDENTITY is what you are. "I'm an engineer at Intel and someday would like to quit to start my own business." A GROWTH IDENTITY is what you want to become...
  4. clear

    Introvert or Extrovert? Identity Crisis!

    There are people out there who are struggling to figure out their identity. Let's make their quest more fruitful. Once, I was in their shoes. I had heard all the turmoil over Introvert or Extrovert. I searched day and night for answers. Came across every book, forum, post, yahoo answer etc. It...
  5. RHL

    Trying Times (Trying VS Doing)

    I know three people in my life who have successfully quit smoking. By quit, I mean they haven't had even one cigarette in at least ten years (for the most recent of the group. For the other two, it's been about 18 years and about 35 years, respectively). I also know eight people who have...

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