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graphic design

  1. A

    Heyo I'm a libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, existentialist artist and I'm here to figure out how to monetize my interests. (not a political post)

    I'm only mentioning my political and philosophical position because they are relevant to my business model and I'm looking for like-minded people. I'm here after reading unscripted: life liberty and pursuit of entrepreneurship after many recommendations from youtubers (hamza mostly) I decided to...
  2. danbucknam

    Affiliate Marketing Advice

    Hello, Much respect and homage to the many bright and motivated people who frequent this forum. My background is in Graphic Design and Animation. I have developed and managed websites / E-commerce sites and created graphics print / web / motion / catalogs in the past. I a big fan of the MJ...
  3. GiacoQ

    MANDALA108 and Sacred Geometry

    First, I greet you and thank you all for the valuable advice and inspiration. My project concerns a coloring book with mandalas and rose windows of the most important churches in the world. Problem that solves: Helps reduce stress and thoughts and creatively entertains people who are bored...
  4. Paolo Pacheco

    ¿How importat is to you the appearance of your brand?

    So I'm doing some research for a Design Agency business of my own and I would like to know about your experiences when choosing and working with an Agency for Branding or Design purposes. 1. Why did you feel that it was necessary to hire a Design Agency? 2. What kind of objections and concerns...
  5. Hassassin

    Web designers: What's your rate for this project?

    So I thought I could design my own website and fell into the rabbit hole of using a page builder like Elementor to DIY it. After spending 3 hours and learning a little CSS to just make a visible line on my menu disappear, the reality hit me: I suck at design and need help haha! In light of...
  6. LifeisSuffering

    Fear of missing out FOMO

    Hello every one After watching a video on things that kill focus i saw that multi-tasking is one of them. and reading the book THE ONE THING which insiste on focus on one area, one project to improve . NOW I'm confused I'm having many side hustles to work on and grow so it can genrate me...
  7. MightyOwl - Unlimited Graphic design for a flat monthly price - Logos,Videos,Banners and more!

  8. S

    What online Graphic Design courses would you recommend? (Preferably free)

    I want to learn Graphic Designing to create my company's assets, like product pictures for Amazon, Social Media posts, product packaging. I dont want to outsource because it will cost me money which my bootstrapped business lacks. Any recommendations for Graphic Designing courses I can study...
  9. Senhyll

    Graphic Design or the struggle to make it fastlane

    Hello guys, I searched the forum without finding exactly what I am looking for so here’s my problematic. Apologize in advance for all my english mistakes, it’s not my mother tongue. I’m a 27 years old dude. It’s been 3 years that I’m working as a Graphic Designer in a small Gaming Studio. Most...
  10. U

    Digital Product Idea

    Hi, I do graphic design (brand design, social media content, ads, etc.) for clients, but I want to create something that will make me money even when I don't work. I would like to build my own online shop. Almost all companies need graphic design products. Buying something pre-made, is much...
  11. Josh Harmsen

    Someone Help?

    I'm looking for a way to easily find new websites on the internet. Not newly-designed, but have been up and running on the internet for about a couple weeks to a couple months. I've been searching online and can't find a successful way to just target new websites. Any ideas?
  12. Josh Harmsen

    How Much Should I Charge?

    So I’m a Graphic Designer who’s only ever done free work. After watching a podcast on how to build a client list, I decided to try it out. I tried his tactics out by hitting up my community Facebook Page, posting on its wall talking about my services and such and not even an hour after posting...
  13. Josh Harmsen

    Got My First Client!

    So being 17, I don’t have a car or basic transportation to get a job around me. I usually work around my neighborhood to get some extra money but I’ve been trying to find some clients for my Graphic Design shop. I watched a YouTube Podcast by Garret Malone, talking about how to expand your name...
  14. Nicoknowsbest

    Graphic Design Hack Thread

    I am encountering questions about graphic design and related subjects here on the forum, on Facebook and some other places. Sometimes, people want to know how to do certain things technically, and sometimes, people are just struggling putting together a nice color scheme for their website. To...
  15. Nicoknowsbest

    Paid Traffic For Creatives

    Around a year ago, I quit my job and embarked on the journey of a graphic design freelancer with the idea of moving further along the sliding scale: intern > employee > freelancer > consultant > services > products After a rough start and a sudden take-off, the summer break has shaken up my...
  16. V

    help with business name

    Hello my name is victoria and I have a vinyl cutter machine and have started selling personalized items for the last year. I'm ready to fully open to the public and need help with a business name. I make a bunch of different items, with more than one target market in mind. I make personalized...
  17. Consequences

    Pinterest Expert

    Hi Everyone I joined this forum as I have friends in real life and online that frequent it. I'm a freelancer, but my goal is to become a digital nomad and my wife not needing to work. My current businesses are graphic design, but moving into more web design. My secondary business is a garden...