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  1. K1 Lambo

    How do you identify really good employees/friends?

    So I'm looking to hire 2 new potential lead managers for our new venture and both guys are younger than me (3-5 years younger, I'm in my early 20s). It's still a startup, so we don't have any revenue yet. Which is why the thread is called identifying friends, rather than employees because we...
  2. adnanazmi

    Seeking Passionate Partners & Business Buddies for Mutual Growth! Thread to make friends

    Hey everyone! I'm on a mission to find ambitious and like-minded partners, accountability buddies, and business enthusiasts to join me in our pursuit of success! A little more about me (spent years developing these skills): Skilled in sales: I have a knack for understanding customers'...
  3. L

    Do you know that?

    Yesterday I was out with a group of 30 people. None of them is interested in entrepreneurship. After a few hours, I realized that I wasn't contributing anything to the conversation and wasn't really engaging in conversation other than superficial small talk. However, now when I'm out and about...
  4. L

    I feel like a traitor because I want to start a similar business than my friend (but different approach and customers)

    Hi, I've been feeling like this since I had the intention to start a business, and it's really holding me back. When I started looking for a job as a fresh graduate I found this person who was helping people like me to get really good job opportunities in tech. This was the beginning of his...
  5. kristianbrnada

    Like minded people in Munich GERMANY

    Hello! I'm new on the forum here and would like to know if there are some members from Munich GERMANY who would like to meet up in person, connect, talk and discuss about entrepreneurship, financial freedom, books and much more!? My name is Kristian, I am 21, athletic, studying Engineering &...
  6. C

    Friends & Fastlane

    Ho everyone, I'm 22 and I am trying to become an entrepreneur, so I'm using this forum to learn valuable information or to absorb any kind of knowledge. So my question is how you guys dealt with your friends and family in the period in which you tried to become entrepreneurs? I mean you left...
  7. Vigilante

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First)

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First) Maybe it took me a pandemic. This window of slowing down has crystalized a lot of things, and re-prioritized things. I have often preached to others the value of Steven Covey’s concept of putting First Things First. Prioritizing the things...
  8. GrandRub

    Is a Slowlaner environment dragging you down? Has your personal environment changed?

    Of course it's no excuse, but.... In my "real" environment there is nobody who is interested in self-employment and entrepreneurship.... Also nobody is completely against it. But there is simply no interest... Slowlaners who are happy and satisfied. Great people and my friends. No problem...
  9. JWM

    I shed myself of my dead weight "friends"

    I'm not much of a writer, so I hope this flows nicely and is easy to read, bear with me as I start practicing. Over the last 6-8 months I have found myself in a position where I have basically said good bye to most of my "friends", the dead weight in my life. This is part of a larger picture...
  10. ygtrhos

    Auditing Friends' Circle

    Hey everyone, I guess this thread will address a very common problem of the fastlaners. Garyvee always says that auditing your friends' circle is the key. I can only confirm that. For the 8 years I have spent in Germany, there was this 2 years span where I really had an amazing flat with...
  11. MTF

    Developing Relationships With Top Players - Master Thread

    You've probably heard it at least a few times before: you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Personally, I can't stand hearing it in every single article about being successful, but there's some truth in it. Social influence is real - we tend to behave in a similar...
  12. Galaxy16

    What to do with school friends?

    Fuel for my success motivation are my school bullies. But I also had many friends. Like MJ DeMarco's friend who worked slowlane in Motorola. It is possible that The Millionaire Fastlane stressed my following question already, but I may have missed it out during reading. If so, I should...
  13. Saiful

    7 Types of People You Need to Completely Avoid

    You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With. ~Jim Rohn Are you surrounded by a toxic environment? 7 kinds of people you need to avoid: 1. Gossipers 2. Jealous Haters 3. Time-Wasters 4. Money Grabbers 5. Over-Sensitive 6. Excuse-Makers 7. Miseducated [I plagiarized this...
  14. SteveO

    The "Choice" of who to hang with..

    I just posted this picture in another thread and it got me thinking. So many people feel that you need to hang out with people that support your business or entrepreneurship direction. I have disagreed with the statement that you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most...

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