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    #3: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Hi, my name is IGGANOISIA (not my real name)

    So right now i feel like not proud of myself cus I'm currently trynna find my "perfect" target customer. So for that I didn't really want to introduce myself, but I'm here cus its an opportunity tho so yea :rofl: I didn't read the books, I just want to go in front in that issue that I have with...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    The Great Rat Race Escape, French Version Now Available

    Now Available!
  3. Rosi

    Be part of this forum is already a success story

    Hi folks ! I am glad to be part of this epic forum, which certainly gathers many people with great ambitions, which is thrilling! I am 26-year old French guy who works as an aerospace engineer, because I did all what was necessary to do so, including years spent at working for a diploma. I...
  4. Flo Rian

    The Millionnaire Fastlane and Unscripted read by a French

    Hello everyone, I'm Florian. I'm 32 years old and live in France. I am Attorney in Real Estate Law and Contract Law since two years. I read the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted, both in english at first, then both in French to better understand the subtleties and details - (sorry for my...
  5. F

    Unscripted, French Translation

    Hi MJ, I soon have finish to read the millionaire fastlane and I was wondering if you will release a French version of unscripted ? Thank you very much !
  6. Niko

    How to best promote my upcoming Meditation book?

    Hi, My project I have been working on my first online business for a few months now and my very first product will be a Meditation book in French (currently writing it). My question: What method/process would you recommend me to best pre-launch/launch this book? - What should be the launch...
  7. Niko

    European mind watching US gurus

    Hi everybody, I am a 45 year old office worker from centra Europe. I am impressed to see how some of you are either becoming millionaire or just reaching a level where they can be financially independent with revenues generated from their online businesses. I understand the English-speaking is...
  8. Sébastien1977

    French graphic designer

    Hi, I’m French, live near lyon, graphic designer entrepreneur near 4 years.
  9. F

    Hello from France !

    Hey everyone, First of all, sorry for the many english faults you will see on my post, I am french and it's not always easy :) So I am Romain, french student of 20. I study economy in univeristy (University is free in France ever I would have stop that ^^). I really started to learn english...
  10. E

    Hi ! I'm 23 and trying to monetize my blog !

    Hi everyone ! I'm Charlotte, I'm French. (Sorry for the miswriting) I'm here to discuss with you about improving myself and my skills. I've got a blog (Enfance Joyeuse) where I talk about parenthood, children, babys, bonding, breastfeeding etc.. I'm gonna monetize my blog by some way. I just...
  11. MJ DeMarco

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    The Millionaire Fastlane license for the FRENCH language was sold some time ago. Here is the website were to check availability: Éditions Trédaniel - Courrier du Livre Should be available soon. (Will update when more news comes....)...
  12. ALC

    My introduction ! (from France)

    Hi, The title say it all, i'm a french guy, i'm 20 years old and i'm from a little town near Paris. I've just finished TMF and start to read every Notable & Gold on this forum and i have to say, the tips you can find here are priceless, i write everything that can help me on my journey on a...
  13. Christophe

    Greetings! Life/Career coach from U.S. (and France)

    Hello everyone, I am a Life and Career coach and my focus is on startup founders. I started my business a few months ago and I am currently learning about the entrepreneurial side of coaching, which is completely new to me but I love it so far. I just started to read the Millionaire FastLane...