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  1. NIK4658

    Building Products and Sell Them via E-Commerce [Progress Thread]

    Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to share my journey in building my own e-commerce business, where I design, develop, and create products that are born out of my passion. I’m a 22-year-old about to graduate in Computer Science and Engineering here in Italy. I've always been fascinated...
  2. StudentOfSuccess

    Doctors ,Electrical engineers and starting your own business

    Hello dear FastLane followers, I am facing an interesting question, which is a balancing act between education, time management and business field. Short self-introduction: I am a german electrical engineering student, I am at the beginning of my studies. So far, I have developed a patent...
  3. dand

    Where it all started.

    I would like to share my story and open a discussion for advice. I'm 18 yo, currently "studying" Aerospace Engineering at a big-name leftist university. I'm fortunate to not get in debt for it. I go to zero lectures, take 2X the credits of an average student, and will finish in a total of 3-4...
  4. EngineerThis

    Accelerate Your New Product Launch: Affordable Strategies, Unique Value Add-Ons, And Expert Engineering Service

    Need to take your product from a napkin sketch to reality? Not sure how to make that happen? LOOK NO FURTHER!! As a Detroit native in the heart of manufacturing, will be your personal product design engineer and product marketing strategy consultant! Game-changing update! The...
  5. jkf786

    Engineer Offering free product design/development - mentorship/apprenticeship

    Hi Fastlaners, Well, I now get it. I am in the slow slow lane looking to change over. If anyone is in product development/eCommerce/Amazon FBA I will design and develop your products for free. I have a master's in engineering and would like to mentor/intern under someone in this space. I get...
  6. DMNinja

    Have you managed to apply your degree to your entrepreneurship endeavors?

    Hello! This effectively is my first post after my introduction. I will keep this short: I've got a BSc/ MSc in Civil Engineering and I want to move away from the slow lane. I have been thinking long and hard whether or not I can make use of all those years of work and effort, but my mindset's...
  7. metallon

    Need your insight.

    I am a CNC machinist from India. The company, which I was working had clients from foreign countries (US, EU, JP) who want to leverage cost-effective manufacturing. Although our company had great clients, they were struggling to maintain quality. Our company can attract big clients using AS9100...
  8. analogue

    New to the forum

    Hi, I came here after reading the two books and I'm slowly adopting the fastlane mentality. I come from a troubled family and had to experience the pain of having parents who changed cults every few years... There's even a "get rich quik and easy" group in that list. I was also homeschooled...
  9. D

    Business ideas for an automotive engineer

    Hello to the community, I’ve just finished TMF and read through some of the gold posts here, but honestly I am a little overwhelmed about all this yet very unfamiliar and unconventional kind of information. As written in my introduction thread, I am in the automotive industry for 10 years now...
  10. Jonathan S.Diaz

    Creating an online card game

    Hello, Fastlaners. I'm glad to be back, I let the script kind get to me the past couple of months, but I'm making a comeback. I'm using my last year in high school to try and build a product and monetize off of it. For the past couple of months, my friend and I have been building an online...
  11. GoldMan79

    [Need] Computer science engineer from a foreign country looking for an internship to move to Canada

    Hello, I'm a computer science engineer from Morocco, by the end of this year I will finish school and obtain my engineering degree from Morocco and a master's degree from France, I'm looking for an internship in Canada, will you be willing to give me this opportunity?
  12. Estera

    Hello to the FASTLANE community!

    I am a Polish-Canadian international student pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering. I aspire to establish an enterprise in the energy industry after graduation, and truly value advice from seasoned professionals of diverse, yet relevant, academic backgrounds. As an aside, some...
  13. Nizamuddin

    Engineer by Profession but Entrepreneur by heart

    I Mohammad Nizamuddin Studied Master in Engineering (Mechanical) Interested to do research in product development and i want utilised my product development quality for my business. i love to research,develop and manufacture valuable product for customers. with fastlane community i want became...
  14. G

    Does Your Podcast Suck? I Will Revamp It In 24 Hours, Guaranteed

    Hey Fastlaners! UnrealCreative here. As a quick background, I'm an Audio Engineer focused on Podcast Production & Editing. Some of you know me from the Craigslist Thread or my Progress Thread documenting this business... If you host a Growing Podcast and want to: • Get More Time to Create...
  15. dior616

    Engineering student and becoming a Fastlaner

    Hello world, I recently joined a couple months back before reading Unscripted. I had read TMF in 2014 but Unscripted was a kick in my a$$. Anyways, I'm going into basically my 2nd year in college studying Mechanical and Energy Engineering full-time. I've made incremental changes since reading...
  16. AustinEngy

    Engineering student with sales skills?

    I read TMF over the course of a couple months (I'm a very slow reader) after feeling disgruntled by Tai Lopez and finding a forum where someone mentioned the book. Though I feel a lot of the information in the book was straight forward, I've found a number of bits that would help me determine...