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Have you managed to apply your degree to your entrepreneurship endeavors?

Have you managed to make any use of your degree?

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Feb 14, 2021
Greece/ Cyprus
Hello! This effectively is my first post after my introduction.

I will keep this short: I've got a BSc/ MSc in Civil Engineering and I want to move away from the slow lane. I have been thinking long and hard whether or not I can make use of all those years of work and effort, but my mindset's not of a fast lane, so I keep drawing blanks. I am curious to know what you've all done, so I get to start building my mindset by studying a community that (finally) shares the same goals and aspirations as I do.

Thank you in advance,

PS: On that note, could you link me to some valuable threads about how to effectively change one's mindset?
EDIT: If for some reason I've misplaced this, feel free to move it to its correct location
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Nov 25, 2020
I have found degrees to be really freaking useless. The richest guys I personally know DONT have degrees. Skills matter more than a piece of paper. I mean shoot, even elon musk dgaf about your degree. You just need to prove that you can actually do stuff. Our education system is corrupt.


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Feb 14, 2021
Greece/ Cyprus
I waited a little bit before chipping into my own thread again, just to observe the traction it'd get (if it did).

I tend to feel the same, but engineering is a field that, when applied, fulfills the "E" commandment in CENTS. I guess that the question then morphs into:
How can applied engineering fulfill the rest of the commandments?
Part of me wants to feel invigorated by knowing that all that time spent following the script wasn't completely fruitless. I know for a fact engineering allows for the production of tangible value (be that in the form of buildings, or licenses). It's something people in all of the countries of the world need.
Practicing engineering tends to be a local endeavor though plus it's a skill-based practice, so the commandments of "C/T/S" are mostly violated. Does it only have to be local?

Is it mandatory to be a qualified engineer (in my case civil engineer, so i'd assume yes) before even having the right to apply practice on the private sector outside of the EU? I wouldn't get myocarditis treatment from an unlicensed cardiologist (else i'd be not here writing this), and i don't expect anyone trusting an unlicensed engineer.

But that's just me.
What do you think?​

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