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email marketing

  1. freek

    Email hosting, any recommendations?

    Hey all, i have a quick question and would love to get some input. First some context: I have ecommerce business that is doing quite well on a dutch platform, this year i have started focusing more on amazon and shopify. I use an automated software for the dutch platform which works really...
  2. D

    Having the right tools for your online business

    In order to be successful online, you have to have the right tools for your business if you would like to know what tools i use please reply to this thread.
  3. alexkuzmov

    The cheapest email marketing out there (Sendy) and a SaaS discussion

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hey forum, So this is a quick look at, what it can and cant do, pros/cons, installation and setup guide. First of, what is it? Its a selfhosted solution for email marketing which uses only AWS SES (Cloud Email Service — Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) — Amazon Web Services) with an...
  4. M

    What is cold email and what is the best template?

    I am new to B2B and wish to learn what is cold email marketing and what is the best template to reach the audience and generate high quality sales?
  5. MTF

    How to Build and Grow a Newsletter as a Business Model

    Newsletters have been a stable online business model ever since the Internet became popular. For some time overlooked because of social media, they're now making a big comeback. There are a few reasons why newsletters are now hot: Writers are looking for new ways to make money without being...
  6. C

    Starting a Klaviyo Email Marketing Digital Agency

    Hey Yall, I wanted to start this thread for anyone who needs that extra motivation to start their path. I know I've benefitted from these kinds of posts figured I add back that value. My goal is to get more into Dropshipping. Dropshipping was my first attempt at the Fastlane journey. But, a...
  7. A

    Advice Needed From E-Mail Pros For Cold Outreach Template

    Hello guys, I wrote an e-mail template to promote olive oil through partnerships with nutraceutical/pharmaceutical or any other health product company out there. There is olive oil used for therapeutic purposes? Yes, and it's quite rare with a lot of research behind it so there is no question...
  8. D

    Building Email list - strategies, tools, tips & tricks

    I could not find any thread about this topic, so let's share our knowledge here. Here is one from me: Create Email Marketing Your Way - MailerLite - You can create you first email campaign for free, super beginner friendly and does not require credit card. For starters it's probably the best...
  9. Champion

    E-Mail Marketing Agency (Not Webdesign, but same Principles apply)

    Hey Everyone, I want to use this post to share my Journey in building an E-Mail Marketing Agency, which I believe is a similar goal to many of you who are building your webdesign agency. I have experience running my own Shopify store and was making around 40k Revenue per month at the maximum...
  10. ElleMg

    How do you get your emails to go to the primary folder?

    I launched a non promotional newsletter yet my emails always go to the promotions tab of gmail. It doesn't read like script or use common marketing/sales keywords. I've been paying attention to what emails go to my primary and promotions folders since realising my newsletter was ending up in...
  11. pixieducks

    Help with email list and what to do next...

    Hello, so I have been working on my new blog, and I did add a subscriber box. I am using mailer lite only because I'm just starting, and I was working on my free ebook to give to people who subscribe. I haven't really checked it too much, and tonight when I went to update the form to include...
  12. Lee Wright

    Critique Of My Sales Funnel

    I keep hearing over & over how a business needs to have a sales funnel. I've tried in the past without luck but maybe my execution was poor. Here's how I understand a sales funnel: 97% of customers are not ready to buy right now (sounds about right. I get 2.5% conversion from my...
  13. C

    Free copywriting services

    Are you new to your business? Overwhelmed with things coming at you left and right.........Imagine a service that custom tailors copy to help your business blow past their sales goals. Now that you're interested...I have an offer that may never come again. My company is offering free...
  14. Valle

    Surfing on the wave of hydroponics!

    Hi everyone! I'm about to start an email marketing campaign promoting, selling, and teaching about hydroponic growth systems (a quick and simple way of growing plants in water). The market for hydroponics has just been growing with the years (partly thanks to the marijuana industry) and people...
  15. P

    Trying to find a successful side hustle. 12 months in on one project

    Redone my landing/home page, AGAIN Hi there folks. It's nearly 12 months since I started on a new side project. Managed to launch it October last year. First few months went OK. Managed to get a few "free users" but that has since dried up. Still no paying customers. I know it's a product in...
  16. Jonny Blaze

    (ECOM) Do you make these 3 mistakes with your email marketing subject lines?

    Hello Fellow Fastlaners, I wrote this article on LinkedIn and I felt like it would be helpful for some of the members on here too. Take a lookie-poo below if you would like some free value that will help you get more opens. ----- Ahh, the subject line of an email... It's the first...
  17. Doctor.IM

    Opinions Needed - Email Marketing Agency

    Hi Guys, I'm about to launch and fully focus on a brand new venture, on which I'd love to have some opinions about. It'll be a performance-based email marketing agency for e-commerce owners on the FR market. Why Email Marketing ? My core skills are Amazon and Email marketing. As it has been...
  18. Ennylee

    In my opinion, videos are the best way to get new customers into the email list. What do you think?

    I have been an internet marketer for 5 years now and as the years pass by, I get to strongly believe that videos are a strong way to introduce your products/services to new customers and get their Email addresses into the Email list. Please I want to confirm this fact from marketers who are more...
  19. AllenCrawley

    AMA: Email Marketing, How To, Best Practices

    Over the last 5 years, I've gotten pretty good using email to generate sales. Through trial and error, and through learning from some of the best ecommerce email marketers out there, I have been able to develop and implement some incredibly potent strategies. Although this is an AMA it is also...
  20. Chris McCarron

    How to Build An Epic Email List Fast (So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It)

    Direct link: How to make money with a website - 60% - 80% Opt In Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization Anyone who has a website knows how important it is to grow your email list. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to get your message read by tens of thousands (if not hundreds of...